Becoming an Influential Womxn is not only


but also highly strategic.

Hi I'm Maree

A Teacher of Transformational Leadership for Womxn, The Creatrix of Influence Womxn Collective and Leadership Programs, a Speaker and Podcaster.

I work with womxn who are 40 and beyond who have big visions to change the world.

No biggie.

They are luminaries, change makers and heart centred entrepreneurs who want to know how to leverage their divine nature in the roles of Leadership and Business.

They are done with the status quo and carrying around other people’s energy and responsibilities.  The are here to connect to their wisdom, power and TRUTH so they are the influential voice in the room.

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I stand for womxn finding their divine voice so they can change the world

We are in a time in history when we can no longer wait for the ‘good sense’ and ‘good people’ to make changes. It is time for our spaces to lead by the behaviours of the divine masculine and feminine, a time when behavioural responsibility and energy consciousness  leads the way so that we can all experience and thrive in a new level of thinking and paradigm of business.

Does this sound like you?

You are tired of watching mediocre leaders impact your life.  Decisions being made that are based on low level thinking and bullshit excuses.

You have a big vision and mission to shift the way the world interacts and behaves. 

You believe in humanity and meaningful business and you have a deep desire and passion and you know deep in your being that it is TIME for you to step up and take that lead.

I also know you are exhausted from shrinking yourself to fit in and playing that game of the never ending merry go round of possibility.  Or the one I love the most hoping and waiting for someone to fix this. For a great leader to be appointed and to show the way.

Then you will be able to do all the things that you really want to do.  

I have news for you

No one is coming to save you, fix anything, change anything or make it safe for you to do your great work.


It’s time to understand your influence, connect to your power so that you can change the conversations and be the leader in business that you know you want to be.  This is not a game of musical chairs, but rather a new game with new rules and one that Influential Womxn need to take up now, so that they can leave the legacy they are here to leave.

So why have I created this work and why now?

I remember when I left my corporate career over 10 years ago, saying to a colleague, it's like I have to leave and come back.  Come back once the system has righted itself. Once that person has retired, or that area is pulled into line and the generation of womxn can really do the work we were meant to do.

He thought I was crazy.  "Why would you leave now?  You are at the top of your game and you are sought after and you are really great at what you do?"  He didn’t get it.



As I danced into my new direction - of not quite sure what it is going to look like - I reflected on my career it became really clear to me.  Regardless of how talented I was and am, no matter how hard I worked and what I did to make things better, nothing had really changed. 

I had worked my way to the level of Executive Director of a number one global investment bank.  My CV is awesome. I was able to achieve some really great work. I’m sure you have too regardless of whether that’s in a career or your business.

The realisation that I hadn’t really been able to impact change the way I thought I had, broke my heart.  Seriously, I cried for days and days.


I had let the team down.

Then I got angry.

Then I got honest.

Yes I had worked hard and at the expense of my health and my sanity (at times) however these systems were working me.  As a womxn these systems of work are not designed for our biggest strengths to shine. Yes we can hold great jobs and run great companies however we are not leveraging the strongest assets we have to offer.

In fact, business compels us to shut them down.  

The natural talents of womxn are left outside the room when we do business.  To be successful we are asked to shrink ourselves, confine ourselves, appropriate ourselves and play the game.  We are asked to be satisfied with business that wastes time on big egos rather than being transparent and collaborative.

As a womxn we are naturally strategic thinkers and visionaries.  We can see effective and efficient ways, that are sustainable, to solve problems.  We know how to bring the best people together for deep collaboration and connection and we do this with ease, style and grace.  Oh and we know how to have a good old laugh as well.

While I was sitting with all this honesty, I realised that there was another reason why I had to leave my career.   I had started to hear something. A voice, an idea, a call that sounded really different than the voice that had directed my career and life to date.

I didn’t know what it was but I couldn’t ignore it.  I knew for sure that I was not able to continue to build this career the way I had and I knew that this voice had the answer.

I knew that while I had achieved great ‘success’ I was also physically, emotionally and spiritually broken.  I had nothing left to give.

I wasn’t quite 40 and it this voice had been speaking to me for a few years.  

What’s next?  It kept saying it over and over.  First as a faint idea and then it got louder and louder.

I knew I couldn’t do this for the next 50 years.  Heck I couldn’t do it for the next 5 minutes.


So I embarked on an exploration of understanding my deep wisdom, what my power is really about and why womxn struggle to hold influence.  Especially influence that is directed towards sustainable and meaningful change.  

For the last 10 years I’ve been working with supremely talented womxn, like you, to help them not only understand that voice, (that I know you hear), but what to do about it.

How do you actually lead change in business as a divine womxn?

This is the question that I answer.

You know what I hadn’t let anyone down, I was just done with that portion of the program.  The next phase of life is really different

It’s not about fading into the background like most of the messages from society would like you to believe.   It is about taking the lead and changing the status quo. 

All those hours that lead to exhaustion for a quick fix only for the merry go round to continue is NOT how a Divine Womxn works.

It is not how you become the influential voice in the room.

It is about a powerful shift that you can take up.

It is about deciding to stop waiting for someone else to do it and decide that YOU are going to be the one to lead this change.

The world needs your Divine Nature now.

This is what I did when I couldn't ignore that voice any longer.

I deeply connected to that voice and found out what it wanted. 

To develop and lead a collective of womxn that will change the status quo and leave a mark.

If you are a Divine Womxn who is ready to be Divine Leader of Change then we have work to do.

To get started and find out how I can support you, I invite you to connect with me via a free 30-minute call.

I can't wait to chat further.

 It’s time for your Divine Nature to take the lead.

I look forward to connecting with you soon.

5 fun facts about Maree
I love animals

Sometimes more than people.

I live in the bush and near the ocean

Talk about expansion!

I need music, movement and a sense of flow in my life

Don’t try putting me in a box, I ain’t going.

I feel calm surrounded by green

It’s the colour of my eyes, mother nature and the heart chakra.

I dream of a world

Where we understand and live with compassion and vibrance.

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And if you want to understand me a little better, head over to my podcast page!

Nice to meet you. See ya on the dance floor.

M xx

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