Welcome to the Age of Aquarius.  A training for people with need to lead in a new vibratioinal consciousness.

What is The Age of Aquarius?


It is a time and a vibrational reality.

The opening of this time commenced some years ago and has now fully opened.  Meaning we have full access to its vibrational reality.

We have left the previous era - the Piscean Era and that now crumbles before our eyes.

The vibrational reality of the Piscean era was exposed via the behavuours that kept it humming:








The evolution of leading

For those who are ready for a new vibrational reality

Leading consciousness and behaviour change.

Creating game changing visions and desire


How do you actually hold influence and step into our power AND lead change in business as a divine womxn?

This question poured out me like it had been sitting there for years.

It became such a potent question that, once I asked it, it is all I could see. I could see it in my 'successful career', I could see it even more deeply in my clients and my colleagues.

It was everywhere.

So I decided that enough is enough, this has to stop. We as Divinely Natured as we are need to come forward and change this paradigm of leading.

What we thought we were doing clearly is not having the impact that we thought.

So where to start?

I know for sure that if you want to achieve sustainable change then you must become crystal clear about where you are right now.

To me that means time to BUST some MYTHS.

Specifically MYTHS that we have all believed (including OPRAH) about our Influence, Power, Our Divine Nature and the cream on that cake being 40 and beyond.

This is the combination that I have found is the most POTENT and significant for us to create sustainable change.

Until we can see what is driving this, none of us are able to truly take up the mantle and change these spaces. I know you want to lead differently and have your voice heard, hold influence in the room and embrace the full power of your wisdom and truth.

I know you are here because you are exhausted, bored and fed up with the way leading and business are done.  If you are 40 and beyond then it is your time to take that lead and do it differently.

 Here's what I'll be covering in the training:

  • Over 4 days I will be BUSTING 4 myths a day
  • I will uncover for you the MYTHS that have been keeping you stuck in a merry go round of possibility and never true INFLUENCE.
  • Why the old paradigm of COMPETENCY is stealing your POWER.
  • The ways that you think you are working the system but it is really working you and is it EXHAUSTING
  • The parts of your Divine Nature that you keep away from your leadership and business and why that is the BIGGEST MISTAKE you can make
  • How Oprah fell into this situation and why it took her so long the make the change
  • Societies view on the relevance of your age as an influential voice and why you must middle finger that so you can see the truth about this stage of life - did you know you have entered your PRIME power and influence stage?
  • Most importantly what to do instead
  • I will share with you the shifts and moves you must make if you want to stop the same old same old when it comes to leadership and business so you can start being the Influential Womxn and voice in the room.


For those that turn up LIVE each day of the training and share their insights, AHAS , and ask questions will be in the running for daily prizes and giveaways including my exclusive Energy Clearing and Grounding Spray and my favourite Journals.

When you tag a friend on my Instagram posts about the training you will go into the DRAW to win a 45 minutes strategy session with ME! (Valued at $555)




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About Maree


Hi I’m Maree

I am Transformational Teacher and Leadership Alchemist, The Creatrix of Influence Womxn Collective and Leadership Programs, a Speaker and Podcaster and I work with womxn who are 40 and beyond who want to know how to leverage their divine nature in the roles of Leadership and Business.  

These womxn are ready to challenge the status quo by connecting to their wisdom, power and TRUTH so they can stop carrying around other people’s energy and responsibilities and start being the influential voice in the room.

I stand for the transition and transformation of spaces that all womxn lead.  We are in a time in history when we can no longer wait for the ‘good sense’ and ‘good people’ to make changes. It is time for our spaces to lead by the behaviours of the divine masculine and feminine, a time when behavioural responsibility and energy consciousness  leads the way so that we can all experience and thrive in a new level of thinking and paradigm of business.

I can't wait to meet you in the training.