The year after the world moved it’s feet in the name of Black Lives Matter, what impact has it had in our daily lives. 

Have we embraced Diversity, Equity and Inclusion into our businesses and lives? 

In today’s episode I chatted with Annie Gichuru who is a leading coach and consultant in Diversity, Equity and Inclusion.   What does the DEI space look like in 2021?  What mistakes are being made and how do we ensure that we continue to move those feet and bring racial justice and equity to the world?

Annie teaches an online transformational program called REPRESENTED which has been described as ‘a must for all business owners who are ready to build a culturally and racially diverse, inclusive and equitable business’. I agree. As a graduate of this program I support 100000% that this is a must do program.

Make sure you listen to the end of this episode so you can learn more about REPRESENTED.  This program opened for enrolment today, check it out.


FREE PDF Guide: How to becoming a genuine ally and advocate for POC REPRESENTED Course Waitlist:


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