Awakening SHE with Larina Tiffen-Fuller

There is no doubt that the roles that we play have and are changing. How can they not? Navigating the shift in vibrational realities means that who we are inevitably must shift. As more people wake up to their own energy consciousness and realise that they are energetic in nature, who they are and what they want to experience is also awakened.

So I ask myself if millions of people are waking up and seeking these questions, who are they asking them of and what is it like for the person who is carrying all of this energy every single day?

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Walking yourself home, the healing journey with Ciara McHugh

The role of healer is more than the modalities they ‘know’.  Learning healing modalities is a wonderful gift and committing to being a healer is a whole other experience.  

My guest today Ciara McHugh is a definite healer.  

Beyond the modalities that she is trained, Ciara embodies what being a healer is really about.  This episode we talk about Shamanism, the path of the healer and the importance and power of lineage.  

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One Simple Daily Action that will Change Your Leadership Effectiveness Forever

Being a leader is an act of service to yourself and to other people. A commitment to you learning about you so that you can create environments of trust and transparency for others.

Your effectiveness as a leader is therefore quite important!

In this episode I share the one simple daily activity that will change your leadership effectiveness FOREVER.

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How to use reflection to build TRUST

If the end of year wrap up process makes you feel like you want to run away with your hands over your ears yelling la la la la then this is an episode that you will LOVE.
I sucked at end of year processes. I would feel shame and fear regardless of what the year was like. When I realised that it was the process and not me this amazing experience emerged.
In this episode I share an organic reflection process that showed up about 8 years ago and has helped me build TRUST in myself and confidence in my growth.

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From Individualism to the Collective Rising, a time to reflect, breathe and decide

In this episode I open the conversation about moving from INDIVIDUALISM to the COLLECTIVE RISING,

I share what individualism is, how it shows up, how it is reflected in our energy centres and WHY it is the weapon of choice for the system that we currently live in.

The Collective has been rising for years and NOW we are at a point where we need to make some decisions.

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The Four Pathways to Self with Mel Tongmar

Melanie Tongmar is a transpersonal life coach and spiritual emergence guide, who’s joy lies in exploring and integrating the fundamental medicine pathways of Ancestral Ways, Nature Kinship, Creative Play and Mindfulness back into our ways of being.

The passion she brings to her work stems from a lifelong fascination with the human condition and our connection to the world, including the liminal and mystical aspects that go beyond the physical self. She firmly believes that with integrated aspects of self, and a revitalisation of a relational way of being, we can live a life with more ease, more meaning, compassion and deeper connection, and find our way back home to ourselves.

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Why does the energy right now feel so shit?

If you are holding space for people right now YOU are an amazing person.

Right now it is tough.

It feels hard and it feels heavy, at times it is hostile and there does not seem to be an end or a solution.


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The Witch Wound with Lisa Kotz

Have you heard of the WITCH WOUND?

Do you know if you have one? In today’s episode I chat with Lisa Kotz about the impacts this wound really has on women in 2021.

Through Lisa’s experience and commitment to her own personal sovereignty, Lisa has uncovered her own witch wound and now holds space for other women as they uncover their own.

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Annie Gichuru, Leading Diversity, Equity and Inclusion in 2021

The year after the world moved it’s feet in the name of Black Lives Matter, what impact has it had in our daily lives.

Have we embraced Diversity, Equity and Inclusion into our businesses and lives?

In today’s episode I chatted with Annie Girchuru who is a leading coach and consultant in Diversity, Equity and Inclusion. What does the DEI space look like in 2021? What mistakes are being made and how do we ensure that we continue to move those feet and bring racial justice and equity to the world?

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Was the change of 2020 /21 really written in the stars? With Astrologer Kat Ellis

Was the change that we have experienced in 2020 and 2021 really that random or was it written in the stars. Is this all predetermined and what role does the cosmos have in what we are experiencing and where we are going.

In today’s episode I chatted with Kat Ellis. Kat is a sharmanic astrologer, energy and sound healer and someone that I have personally worked with many times. Kat and I discuss the planetary influencers that have been supporting the upheaval and change that we are experiencing and what is yet to come.

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