There is no doubt that the roles that we play have and are changing.  How can they not?  Navigating the shift in vibrational realities means that who we are inevitably must shift.  As more people wake up to their own energy consciousness and realise that they are energetic in nature, who they are and what they want to experience is also awakened.

So I ask myself if millions of people are waking up and seeking these questions, who are they asking them of and what is it like for the person who is carrying all of this energy every single day?

This week’s guest is that someone.  Larina Tiffen-Fuller is a Visionary, Priestess, Activator, Author, Medium, La Dame Blanche and a woman that gets shit done. She is the Founder and Owner of the award winning Miss Lilly’s Catering and Priestess Lilly.

Through her work as a Priestess, she holds space for clients and activates them to start the journey to truly embrace their pathway home to self. She hosts a radio show/podcast at Plains FM Canterbury, where her intention is to hold space for thought activating conservations with heart centred leaders, wisdom keepers and divine humans. Her hope for her radio show is to help her listeners to expand into their authenticity, soul purpose, with the overall goal to help activate humanity’s consciousness to rise.

Larina has many more crystals in her crown. She is a trained counsellor, Beautiful YOU  life coach, spellcaster, manifesting queen, channeller of other divine frequencies and seeker of the unknown. She lives with her husband Kristian aka Nugget, and their son Thomas in Aotearoa – New Zealand, in a countryside town called Rangiora. This is where she feels deeply grounded.

As you will hear in this episode Lilly, works with people with their awakening experience and you can connect with her at her website

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