There is no doubt that when I talk about energy the conversation about the ENERGY HIGH! 

It is a cosy wonderful experience AHHHHHH the serenity! 

The challenge with chasing the energy high is that it does not create sustainable change. The reason is that we often use the high as a release and think that we have hit the end game and in reality we have opened the gate. 

There is always more expanded energy and when we change our focus from using energy to create a high and not lead change we end up in a bounce situation. In this episode I bust some myths about the energy high and how you start to build tangibility. I also share a personal experience – one I do not share publicly – about how I used my energy to heal an ongoing health problem. 

If we want to lead out of contracted spaces then we need to go beyond the energy high! 

If you want to know how to lead out of these old spaces of contract then let’s chat about Divine Leaders of Change Sistermind.

Send me DM today to learn more.

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Maree is an Energy Sensitive, Change Leader and Energy Healer who is on a mission to expand the energy consciousness of the world through her training programs Divine Leaders of Change Sistermind and The Energy Academy.

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