On this episode of the podcast I share something that EVERY SINGLE one of my clients ask and I myself have experienced.

You have a big vision and the knowledge that you want to be part of change but when you try and figure it out you get stuck with trying to make an impossible decision.

I get it.

I uncover for you why this happens and how you bring your big vision into the NOW.  I want you to  stop this cycle and get you on the path so that you can connect with your Divine Leader.

I will take you through the specific patriarchal condition that is set up in childhood and impacts decisions we make right up to adulthood, unless we STOP it.  

This intoxicating yet narrow conditioning has you separated from your true wisdom and power.  It is a condition we need to get to the bottom of and move it on out.

There are three questions I ask at the end of the episode to help you identify and work through this for yourself.

Make sure you let me know how you go.  Please DM me on instagram so we can connect, @mareeeddings


If you want to practice how you bring your BIG VISION INTO NOW this is for you!

If you are a coach and you know or are playing with how to expand your practice to include energy,  maybe you have a similar path to mine that leads you to coaching.  

On Thursday 17 June I am teaching a class on how you can join the dots from Coach to Energy Healer.  There are four coach profiles that I will be sharing and teaching you how you can start to use and implement this. 

If this is YOU then register for the Masterclass by clicking HERE.

I look forward to connecting with you there.

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