From training to be a Catholic Priest, to wealth creation business owner to Master Coach, the road to working as an Energy Embodiment Coach is varied.

In this episode we chat with Avalon D’Abreo he shares why he was drawn to do this work, how it has impacted him and why it is now key to his work with young professional men.

This is a conversation that will help you expand your view on what energy is actually about and how it is relevant for ALL niches and ALL industries.

We go deep and answer these questions:

Why all ask the same questions at the same time of our life?

Why the body stores memories, beliefs, vows, trauma and potential and

HOW we retrieve them and release all blocked energy that keeps is cycling so that we can begin to connect with our life in a way we were meant to.

The Energy Academy is now open for enrollment, if you would like to learn more about how you can train to be an Energy Embodiment Coach lets connect.


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