Visualisation and Manifesting Bundle


Here is your bundle! I have suggested an order for you to access however please tune into your intuition and be guided on how you want to connect with the material.


Grounding Visualisation

Grounding is always the go to move when you need to reconnect.

Please enjoy this grounding visualisation.  I encourage you to listen to this on a regular basis so that you start to cultivate a relationship with your energy.


Harmonising Visualisation

The body finds is natural flow when it is in harmony.

The Heart and Sacral energies are key to creating the desire for your manifestations. When they are in harmony you will experience the energy that connects you with these desires.  You can never get enough harmony.


Power Visualisation

Knowing what your power feels like is the best way to expand your energy,

I encourage you to work with this visualisation over a period of time.  Being able to receive and hold is a practice so please do not be discouraged if this takes a couple of goes before you get into the practice flow.  You may also find that somedays this may challenge you more than others.  All of it is perfect and exactly how energy works.


Access your Chakra Manifestation Chain and bring your desires to the physical world.

The power of knowing where in your Chakra Manifesting Chain you need to provide more clarity and harmony is invaluable.  The visualisation will support you in strengthening your manifestion chain and build a deeper relationship with all of your chakra power.  Enjoy the fruits of your desires.


Thank you for being part of my community.

Building a relationship with your energy is a life long commitment.  It is not only fun it develops a deep connection to your souls path.  You can listen to these visualisations as many times as you like and while I have suggested an order please tune into your intuition and be guided on how you want to connect.

I would love to know your experience.  I invite you to connect with me on Instagram @mareeeddings and share.  You can also connect with me there is you have any questions.  Enjoy development your relationship with your chakras and energy.

Much Love

Maree xoxo