Your relationship with your power can feel conditional and unpredictable.

It can feel like you are on a rollercoaster, one minute it is all there and just like that it goes down.
It impacts your time, money and energy. And it sucks.

In this episode I give you THREE POWER moves that help you build a solid relationship with your power so that you never have to step foot on that roller coaster again.

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A reflection of the decade that has led me to now, on the eve of my 51st bday, I share three life-changing experiences that have helped me make peace with my PAUSE.

We need more women to feel at ease about talking about this phase of life as it is much more than hormones.

I hope this helps you reflect on your own journey with your PAUSE and connect with other women.

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Are you in a decision making rut?

In this episode I explore how these ruts are created, how you know if you are in one and what you can do to step out of it.

Let’s be honest, sometimes we avoid making decisions because they feel uncomfortable and hard. So we stick with what feels familiar and justify why we don’t make the decision we really want to make.

In this episode I am going to explore WHY and HOW, so you can make the switch and start making decisions that are connected to you and only you.

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