Walking yourself home, the healing journey with Ciara McHugh

The role of healer is more than the modalities they ‘know’.  Learning healing modalities is a wonderful gift and committing to being a healer is a whole other experience.  

My guest today Ciara McHugh is a definite healer.  

Beyond the modalities that she is trained, Ciara embodies what being a healer is really about.  This episode we talk about Shamanism, the path of the healer and the importance and power of lineage.  

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One Simple Daily Action that will Change Your Leadership Effectiveness Forever

Being a leader is an act of service to yourself and to other people. A commitment to you learning about you so that you can create environments of trust and transparency for others.

Your effectiveness as a leader is therefore quite important!

In this episode I share the one simple daily activity that will change your leadership effectiveness FOREVER.

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Why does the energy right now feel so shit?

If you are holding space for people right now YOU are an amazing person.

Right now it is tough.

It feels hard and it feels heavy, at times it is hostile and there does not seem to be an end or a solution.


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Beyond the ENERGY HIGH, how to lead and create tangible change

There is no doubt that when I talk about energy the conversation about the ENERGY HIGH!

It is a cosy wonderful experience AHHHHHH the serenity!

The challenge with chasing the energy high is that it does not create sustainable change. The reason is that we often use the high as a release and think that we have hit the end game and in reality we have opened the gate.

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