You are in for a treat as I chat with not one but two amazing humans.  

As women we can sometimes think that to be a leader or when we think about change that we must armour up and have all the answers. We carry the burden of other people and fear being visible and accepted.

One of the reasons this gets activated in us is our relationship with other women.

In this episode I share a part of my life that I hope will help you to rewrite that story for yourself and be inspired to seek out and connect with women as part of your core support group.

Please meet Tracey Pattison and Larina (Lilly) Tiffen-Fuller.

We openly share a sacred space we have created and how we connect together.



If you want to practice how you bring your BIG VISION INTO NOW this is for you!

If you are a coach and you know or are playing with how to expand your practice to include energy, maybe you have a similar path to mine that leads you to coaching. 

On Thursday 17 June I am teaching a class on how you can join the dots from Coach to Energy Healer.  There are four coach profiles that I will be sharing and teaching you how you can start to use and implement this. 

If this is YOU then register for the Masterclass by clicking HERE.

I look forward to connecting with you there.


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