Enrollment Bonuses


Here are your enrollment bonuses as promised! Enjoy


Grounding Visualisation

Grounding is always the go to move when you need to reconnect.

Please enjoy this grounding visualisation.  I encourage you to listen to this on a regular basis so that you start to cultivate a relationship with your energy.


Power Visualisation

Knowing what your power feels like is the best way to expand your energy,

I encourage you to work with this visualisation over a period of time.  Being able to receive and hold is a practice so please do not be discouraged if this takes a couple of goes before you get into the practice flow.  You may also find that somedays this may challenge you more than others.  All of it is perfect and exactly how energy works.


Crystal Bowl Healing is a powerful and gentle way to clear and align your energy.

This recording has been specifically created for the Divine Leaders of Change Sistermind.  It suppports clearing your energy and bringing you into alignment.  While it may sound soft it is a powerful energy resource so please do not listen to this more than once a day.  Enjoy as your body soaks in the magic of crystal bowl sound healing.