Are you ready to ditch the drama of 2020/21 and step into your role as a leader of change?

On the other side of this chaos is an opportunity to change the game completely.

It is time for us to rise and take the lead.

Yes, the last 18 months have certainly delivered.

We were promised a shake up and that is exactly what we have received.
It has been discombobulating, frustrating and at times you have been walking with the dread of disillusionment. If you have been feeling this way you are not alone

I know when I have been in those moments I scream into the pillow - this is not how it ends!

We didn't sign up for this, do all that work only for it to be engulfed in a well worn system of patriarchy.

NO not on our watch

I know you are feeling the same and the heaviness of old stuff being dragged out all at once can leave you doubting.  It is not easy to navigate these times especially if you are trying to do it the old way.

The bigger promise of 2020/21 was that we got to see the systems we live in so that we can shift them.  Right now we are seeing how these systems and conditioning are within all of us.


If you are:

 an amazing visionary,


change maker,



and big hearted service driven entrepreneur


it is your time to take the lead.


Yes, we are in a time of extraordinary opportunity.

I know you can feel it.

Remember this is why you came.  You knew you signed up for this and now it is here.

While you thought it was going to be more straight forward, in reality it was always going to be about leading us to transparency and what better way than to reveal all the ways that the system we live in operates even within ourselves and others.

It is time for us to rise


Where do we begin?

Well, we are definitely in a change cluster which is a good thing when you know what to do next.

The systems that have defined and confined humanity are ready for its upgrade and we need divine leaders, like you, to know how to lead this change

We switch out the hierarchy for discernment of energy and watch your world change.

Imagine this transformation:


Your Life:

  • Your life feeling back on track and you are no longer carrying the heavy energy of others
  • You can discern the behaviour and vibration of people and places around you and you are back in your power
  • You are connected to your power in any situation and in any room
  • You feel that curiosity and fun of continual growth of your purpose and zest for life

Your Business:

  • Reflects your deepest purpose and your offerrings are connected with your dream clients
  • You are communicating your purpose with ease and you know you are living in alignment
  • You are feeling your flow and no longer feel like you are on a seesaw of emotions and activity
  • You are the go to person for your community without question

Your Relationships:

  • You feel understood and seen
  • You are connecting with those you love with more heart and love than before
  • You are communicating with ease and feel like this a that new butterfly connection
  • You are resolving issues that have challenged you for the longest time


Your Clients:

  • You understand and discern your clients needs with ease
  • Your clients are experiencing more transformation than ever before
  • They want to work with you mutiple times
  • You are bringing in new clients that are deeply connected to your purpose and your work



This is what happens when we release our old conditioning and vibration of the old archiac systems and start leading from a place of Divine Leadership


Put simply Divine Human it is time to let go of the old and lead in the new.

What you have been experiencing over the last 18 months is not bad people, it is contracted and limited vibration.

You see as energetic beings our behaviour leaves an imprint based on its vibration.  It can be mapped.  It tells us when we are able to lead change and hold space and it also tells us when we are not.

Contracted vibration has less to no space to lead change.

Learning to DISCERN energy and your behavioural vibration means you can lead spaces to new places.

You can stop placating old systems and BS behaviour and start to LEAD, LIVE and LOVE from a whole new vibration.

While no energy is good or bad or right or wrong, not all energy can lead change.

Right now we need people who can lead with these DIVINE vibrations.

Exhale, This is real

Yes, those dreams of yours, that wisdom and knowing now have an opportunity to take centre stage.

You will live that life you know you came here to live and your legacy and contribution are well in tact.


Welcome Divine Leader, are you ready to get started?


I created this space for people like you, because this is the guidance, energy, information and community that will support you in connecting deeply with your purpose while holding you in a whole new vibration.

So how do you do this?



Divine Leaders of Change Sistermind

4-month immersion and activation sistermind for womxn who are ready to take the lead


At the end of the Sistermind you will have experienced big shifts  as you activate your Divine Leader.


“From stuck in a rut to dream job.

This is fucking phenomenal. Seriously when I followed Influential Womxn energy and I was able to see where I had got myself all stuck and fucked I was able to shift it instantly. Energy really does not lie. I was able to unwind this crappy work situation I have been in for 12 months and I am now in my dream job with my dream people doing what I love. Thank you Maree, this work has changed my life.”

Cath - Kinesiologist, Cosmic Numerology and Energy Healer

  • Discernment of energy is your new superpower. You know when you are activating your true divine vibration or when you are in activation of other people's energy
  • TRUST in your Divine knowing.  You are connected deeply to that big vision of yours and you know how to implement it
  • Communicating what you know and you share it without fear or trepidation
  • Your Power is always available to you and is not longer pushed around by who you are around
  • Sacred space holder for other people’s energy and agendas so that you can lead them to a new possibility for themselves
  • Divine Masculine and Feminine connection that allows you to put down the armour of the old systems of hierarchy so that you know you are safe and free to be who you truly are
  • Leading with confidence. You can see other people’s agendas and wounds and no longer need to wait for them to heal or get it, or feel like you have to hide from them
  • Boundaries take on a new meaning as regardless of the personality or energy in the room and now know how to move and shift the consciousness of the room.
  • Respect and reverence of your own divine connection and you are delightfully engaged with the energy that nourishes you and transparently leads.
  • Leading conversations of consciousness and transformation.

Divine Leader, your power and your presence are needed now.

If you are ready to accept the invitation to take the lead then join Divine Leaders of Change today.


Divine Leaders of Change Sistermind


Teaching mofules and LIVE sacred circle gatghering

8 Divine Leader content modules

8 x 60 minute Coaching Office hours 

8 x 90 minute LIVE Sacred Circle Gatherings focussed on energy with Maree


energy activation

Daily energy activation and coaching via email


bespoke visualisations

8 Bespoke healing and activation visualisation


learning resources

 Divine Leader library: 12 videos and audios to support for divine communication and effortless influence

kinesiologist healer sessions 

Four group "Heal the Divine Leader” session with a leading divine kinesiologist healer Rebecca Anuwen.


Exclusive access to a commited small group environment.  Divine Leaders is offered in groups of 8 so that you can experience an intimate setting that provides deep support.


Everyone LOVES a gift with purchase and with Divine Leaders of Change Sistermind you get FOUR

Bonus One

Your Energy Reclamation Pack. 

Three energy clearing and connecting visualisations for you to begin cultivating a relationship with your energy pronto

Ground your energy

Your Power

Crystal Bowl Healing

(available on enrollment)

Bonus TWO

 How to create influence and impact transformation relationships with clients

(available at the end of the Sistermind)


Cultivate Connected and Loving Relationships

(available at the end of the Sistermind)


Signed Copy of


A collection of stories celebrating awakened women to inspire community progress.

(will be sent to you when it available in Oct 2021

“Working with Maree is unique and deeply transformative.

Having participated in many leadership development programs, I can honestly say that Maree's style, combined with the unique subject matter, was the most eye-opening, effective and deeply transformative training I have ever experienced. With Maree as my executive coach I was able to significantly improve my performance and impact and leapfrog from Senior Management to Executive level.”

Maree M - Partner KPMG

Here’s how it’ll all go down

We begin the program with an opening ceremony circle via in a live call. This is a beautiful and powerful way for all participants to come together, commit to the process and set your intentions for the next 4 months.

Month 1

Reclaiming your sovereign self and vision

Activate your power so that you are connected with your Divine Leadership.

By the end of this month you will have re-claimed your power and are able to drop the conditioning of the past.

It is an initiation from the  Maiden, to Mother, to Maga so you can expand what you thought was possible.  The path for Divine Leadership has been made clear.  

You will connect with a new energy frequency so that you feel safe and powerful in the physical world.

Month 2

Your Sacred Energy and Leadership Consciousness

Finding your voice and holding your power in all situations has never felt so easeful.

This month is about rewiring and dancing with the new frequency of energy. 

You learn to DISCERN the most challenging of vibrations as you start to cultivate your new vibrational map.

Creating a foundation of consciousness that has you beaming, planning and creating.

Month 3

Your Divine Leader Voice

Your sovereignty is ready to lead. Accessing the full leadership expression of the divine masculine (space holder) and divine feminine (wisdom and communication) so that you are the leader of your own vision and dreams.

A new paradigm of your leadership becomes clear.  You can now hold space of all energies and rely on the behavioural vibration and not the ego or the power grab. You are about to change other people's lives.

Month 4

Your New Way Your Way

It’s time for you to embrace Divine Leader indaily life and business and unleash you into the world.  Decision making, money making, your divine gifts and attracting clients.  

Divine Leadership is about the spaces that you turn up in.  We release sisterwounds so that you can connect and lead with like minded change making sisters in the world.

Can you feel the liberation?


We close out the program the way we began, with a ceremony circle. Holding reverence and respect for the work you have done and the change you will bring to your world. 

Nic Wpic

"My Business and Life changed so easy"

I enrolled in the Divine Leaders of Change Sistermind after a business partnership broke down. I was exhausted and I didn’t know what decisions to make, how I was going to make it work.  I was also curious about the phase of the life I was now in, mid 40’s, and how I was going to create a relationship with my children as they developed into Young Adults.

It seemed like a big ask.  It wasn't at all.  

What Maree teaches in the Sistermind Program covered all the bases.  Once I adopted the Leadership Consciousness approach it all started to fall into place.  Firstly understanding me and this phase of my life and the power I have access to was so liberating.  I kept following the energy and learning how to unwind the conditioning from my past and what I experienced was ease, clarity and confidence.

I have been able to prove out my business model in a year where I have been in some level of quarantine (stage 4 for a face to face business us usually the end), I have made a profit, paid myself a wage, my employees have stepped up and taking initiative and I am no longer carrying their energy or responsibilities.  I am loving my life.  I feel happy and looking forward to continuing to lead in this way.

Nicole Walker - CEO Heart of Hall Cooking School and Cafe


“I am now a confident leader in difficult situations.

Following Maree's program I have been able to take the lead in conversations instead of either avoiding  or repeating a pattern that would result in the issue not being resolved.  An example is an issue I have had with my partner for 10 years.    After practicing the skills that Maree teaches I was able to resolve this matter in 3 minutes!  Yep it took 3 minutes of me stepping into my Influential Womxn and the energy was shifted. We are at a new place of compassion, respect and deep love. I had to BE the one to do this because I was the one who felt and knew the energy. Thank you Maree, I feel confident and clear about how to lead conversations in any situation...”

Dima Issac - Human Resource Specialist

Meet Maree

Hi I'm Maree,

It is wonderful to meet you.  I am an Energy Sensitive, Change Leader and Energy Healer who is on a mission to expand the energy consciousness of the world through my training programs Divine Leaders of Change Sistermind and The Energy Academy.

I host the podcast Divine Leaders of Change and my aim is for us to ask and ponder the following three questions:

What if you were never conditioned with a Patriarchal mindset, structure or system?

Who would you be instead?

And now that we are here how do we lead our way out of it?

This is my ride or die focus for how I know I am here to contribute to the world and help people expand their energy consciousness so that they too can hold their power in any situation and in any room and as a result shift that paradigm that we all experience.

It has not always been like this.  I stepped away from a 'successful' and growing career in a global investment bank the moment I was exposed to the world of energy. I knew in an instant that this was what I was meant to be doing with my life.

Everything made sense.

I have spent the last decade researching, teaching and cultivating my expertise and tapping into my wisdom around energy and human behaviour.  Divine Leaders of Change Sistermind,  is the program I wish I had when I was trying to work it all out.

I know I am not alone when I say that I know in my bones I am here in this lifetime to contribute to changing the way our society operated.  It is all about the vibration of the system.

If you are here then I am guessing that you also know that you are here to contribute to this change as well. I would to support you in bringing those dreams of yours to life.

It is time for us to step into our roles as a Divine Leaders, with curiosity and a knowing that this is the role we were born to play.


“Divine Leaders of Change is life changing! Every womxn over 40 needs to do this program"

Before DLC I was afraid to take up space. I felt disconnected from my true self and I hid behind who I thought I should be so I could fit in. I was working way too hard and giving away my power to other people and the idea of what I thought it meant to be a leader.

This program has given me permission to say yes to my soul and to me.

Now that I know how to work with my energy and the behaviour of other people, I no longer feel like I have to be the one that fixes everything and I can hold space for my vision and for my clients. 

Even my husband has noticed the difference in me, and this has also had an impact on our relationship. I’m no longer seeing challenging conversation as conflict and we are communicating in a new way.   

Since I have adopted the Leadership Consciousness approach, I’ve replaced my income from a previous business and I’m earning more money with less effort and time as I’m now working in my soul’s business and it is growing quickly.

I’m having way more fun, and am the happiest I have ever been in my life.

Maree has a style where she meets you where you are. She walks her talk about leading by holding space and creating opportunities through expanded energy. She allowed me to be me and did not try to change who I am rather allowed me to see more of me. This is the best coaching experience I have had.

Larina Tiffern - Sacred Heart Healer, Space Holder and Spiritual Life Coach

Divine Leaders of Change



  • You’re ready to step out from under the frustration and conditioning of hierarchical thinking, play a new role as an energy conscious divine leader
  • You’re ready to reclaim your power from all of your relationships and experience the joy of this extraordinary time of transformation 
  • You’re insightful and sensitive and want to lead your life and business from a new level of consciousness
  • You are ready to learn how to use your sovereignty and power for leadership and business 
  • You’re ready to lead and hold space for new conversations
  • You’re ready to embrace new energetic boundaries so you are always connected to your deep knowing
  • You’re ready to release old behavioural conditioning
  • You want to express your true self without feeling you have to hide and restrain yourself.
  • You know that you are here to leave a legacy for others to follow

Divine Leaders of Change


  • Prefer to be comfortable in what you know and you’re not yet ready to explore what you can be
  • Would rather hold onto the long burn of change and not wanting to speak your truth
  • Are not ready to shift and expand your energy
  • Are waiting for someone else to do the work to make the change
Join me

Divine Leaders of Change Sistermind

4-month immersion and activation sistermind for womxn who are ready to take the lead


This program is valued at $22,000 and FULL PRICE of the Sistermind investment is $6,000.

Access Early Bird Enrollment and $1,000 off the full prices from 24 August to 2 September 2021


One off payment

(one off payment)


4 x A$1500
(four payments over four months)


6 x A$1000
(six payments over six months)



Perhaps you are wanting a more personal connection and want to work with Maree 1:1.

This VIP Option gives you access:
EVERYTHING that is included in Divine Leaders of Change (valued at $22,000)
 - 6x 1:1 Private Calls with Maree ( valued at $6,000)
- 2x Private Kinesisiology sessions with Rebecca Anuwen (valued at $1200)
- 3x Bespoke Energy Healing visualsations (valued at $350)


FULL Value of $29,550


3 Spots Available


VIP Package
One Off Payment

(one off payment)

VIP Package
Payment Plan

4 x A$2,500
(four payments over four months)

Interested in the VIP Option?

Please book a call to speak with Maree


"This program is a TOTAL game changer"

I can’t express enough how much Divine Leaders of Change Sistermind has been a game changer for me. 

From working with energies and stepping up as a Divine Leader of Change both for myself and my community. 

I feel that rites of passage (moving into the Maga stage of life) is such an important part of our culture and a significant time for us as a new generation of womxn. We are stepping into the unknown so there are opportunities there to really sit in our seat of sovereignty and power within ourselves.

Maree is an expert in this area, and really walked the talk - she has the knowledge and the experience, and she held space in a balanced, safe, yet no nonsense way that encouraged us to step up for our crown. I felt incredibly nurtured and heard, and I’m now stepping forward in full trust in myself, and being really intentional with my energy and the way I lead.

It’s one of the most significant courses I’ve ever done before. I couldn't recommend this course highly enough. Thank you Maree!

 Melanie Tongmar - Self Sovereignty & Nature Communication Coach


“I am now attracting my DREAM CLIENTS".

The main reason for me joining Divine Leaders of Change Sistermind was that I was lacking direction and focus and I wanted to work with Maree again. I was noticing that I was hiding my business and also I was hiding in my personal life. I was struggling to really connect with people and this was impacting how I was growing my business and my life.

It felt really yuck.  I knew I was great at what I did but I wasn’t bringing that to life.

Working with Maree’s model and working with Leadership Consciousness has allowed me to step out, use my voice, hold space and connect. 

I’m no longer giving away my power. I feel like I have been given permission not to have to wait to fit in. I can be a leader my way knowing that I am aligned to my energy and myself.

I am attracting my dream clients and my business feels clear.  I am making great decisions and building the business I have wanted to build but wasn’t sure how.

Making decisions is now easy and I no longer see relationships as a conflict because I’m no longer carrying other people’s energy or responsibilities. It feels so liberating to know who I am and how I get to show up for myself. 

The program is set out really well and provides space for perspective and coaching. Thank you Maree I now know how to hold space for my change and change for others.

Shelly Bean - Sexual Identity Coach and Energy Healer


I’ve got answers…

Divine Leaders is unlike other leadership or business programs you may have come across in that rather than putting you in a box and showing you how to create more boxes you will learn how to be in alignment and responsibility with your core influence. 

It teaches you to INFLUENCE your environments by understanding your exact energy vibration and the impact that really has.

More Questions?

If you have any other questions that have not been addressed here please book a call to speak with Maree here

Thank you...

...for turning up and being you

...for being here in this time of transformation

...for all of your divine gifts, talents, passion, vision and dreams

You are needed now as a leader and regardless of what you decide to do please promise me that you will keep your dreams and visions alive and keep doing your work in the world.

Your energy, presence, power, influence, divinity and leadership are needed now.
Maree xx