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This is your invitation to learn how to be an Energy Embodiment Coach

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The place where you learn how to become an Energy Embodiment Coach

Led by Energy Embodiment Trainer, Maree Eddings
Is this you?

You are an empathic, sensitive person who is here to support others in their healing and growth.

You are someone who is here to lead and experience a change in this world.

You are the chainbreaker in your family and you seek peace, fun, love and liberation.

You earn for a world that leads with compassion, equity, transparency and soul.

You may have studied Coaching, Reiki, NLP, Kinesiology, Psychology or other modalities that are aimed at helping others improve the quality of their lives.

You have a business in Coaching (Business, Relationship and Life), Copy Writing, Sales, Personal Training, Nutrition, Intuitive Medium, Counselling, Social Work and any other way that you interact with other humans beings.

While you love what you do, as an empath you feel the world and while you are deeply guided to help people you find it exhausting and unsustainable.

Everything feels like it is all tangled up and you can struggle with holding your space and using your voice when you really want to.

You find this frustrating and question why and how you are here to work with people without having to carry the burden of feeling everything.

You are great at what you do and really want to grow this business and life you have created, if you weren’t so pulled around.

You question your value and it is starting to erode the trust you have in yourself to do this thing that you love to do.

It is frustrating and you feel like you are going round and round in circles



I will let you in on a secret


It's not you, your modality or your brillance


All modalities and energy techniques work.  YES all of them.

Creating sustainability and meaning in your business is less about what you know and more about how you learn embody your full self.

The connection to your soul led enquiry of life of who you are always becoming.

A place where you cultivate trust in yourself mind, body and soul.

Too often I see coaches and consultants burnout and compromise or even stop all together because they have not been able to create sustainability.

This is not a fluffy version of a reality that exisits in an ungrounded fairytale

It is time to untangle yourself from other people's energy and learn how to EMBODY.

Here is the rub

As someone who is sensitive to energy you have more than likely been escaping or abandoning your body because it feels like it is too much.

You feel other people's stuff.  This includes their behaviour, their wounds and their pain cycles.

Even if they are not in the same room as you.

It feels much safer and easier to escape than than to feel their stuff and yours.

I understand

The impact is however is that YOU rarely get to embody your own energy at its core.

Your needs are rarely considered as you are hit with a wave of other people's shizzle.

Feeling the pain and the dreams, the hopes and wishes and the fear and frustration of others is EXHAUSTING and not your job.

It is getting in the way of YOU creating sustainability in your life and business


It is also not teaching your clients how to embody themselves either, so a cycle is always in play.

The challenge is that you have not been taught how to do it any other way

Until now

Holding energetic space is about knowing how to embody your energetic space first.

This means that you no longer have to deal with the aftermath of being around people or trying to avoid the 'negative people'.

You are not a pack horse for other people's stuff and when you don't learn HOW to embody your own energy first you will consistenly be challenged by how to create sustainable, meaningful and profitable work in your life.

You may jump from modality to modality or second guess the value you really add.  You may be falling in and out of love of what you do and finding clients might feel more slippery than the big slide at WET and WILD.

It is okay.

I understand because I have been there!

everything changed once i understood energy embodiment
Imagine this:
For you:
  • Feeling deeply connected to your own body, mind and soul needs
  • Loving how you interact with your clients and the experiences you create (knowing there are no nasty after effects)
  • Having your needs met. Financial, physical, emotional, and spiritual.
  • Fall in love with the value you offer other people and love all that you do.
  • Feeling inspired and liberated to create in your business and life
  • Knowing that you have more space to expand that you no longer fear
  • Knowing how to support your clients come into their own embodiment by being able to read their energy and support them release old emotional wound and blocks.
  • Rid your clients physcial pain so that they remove the restriction from their life and really love what they do and why they do it.
  • Connect more deeply with your wisdom and intuition and bring your magic to life
  • Enjoy what you do and attract more soul clients into your business.

For your clients:
  • Learn how to embody their energy so that they can feel connected and grounded in their life
  • Release the behavioural patterns and wounds that result in emotional and physical pain
  • Remove the restriction from their life and really love what they do and why they do it.
  • Create deep foundations and Quantum shifts with your clients in their business and life
  • Clear the path for them to make clear and connected decisons
  • Bring power back to their voice so they can speak their truth and value
  • Release fear of being vulneranble and visible in their life
  • Learn to hold their space while having challenging conversations
  • Connect more easily to their financial, physical, emotional and spiritual resources



The Energy Academy.

The energy embodiment coaching certification for people who want to create sustainability, meaning, fun and profit in their business and life.
Why have I created this program?

I remember when I started working as a coach 14 years ago, I was trained up the wazzoo and had a great group of clients however I felt numb.  This made me question my value and what I was really offering.

What I didn't realise was that it wasn't about my value it was about my embodiment of my own space and power.  This impacted my ability to sustain what I was doing.  I tried everything and eventually decided to stop coaching all together.  I referred my clients on and I stopped.

I was exhausted.

However I knew in my bones this was what I was meant to do.

So I embarked on figuring this out.

If this is what I meant to doing in the world, then how the HECK do I do it and LIVE my life with passion and enjoyment.

I just didn't know how to do this while feeling everyone else and feeling like I was meant to be feeling this burden.


This is what i discovered?

The body holds the all the memories, the trauma, the pain, the wounds and emotions.

It also knows how to release it.

The body also holds all the abundance, pleasure, joy, wisdom and trust.

There is a way to be empathic and work with people without feeling it all.

My sensitivity to energy, my empathic being was a MAJOR plus when working with my clients, I just wasn't shown how.


so what did I do?

I created my own energy modality, built an energy coaching business and met more and more people who had the same questions as me.

I wanted to provide epic experiences for my clients but not at my own expense.  I also found these two things were connected.

When I learnt how to embody my energy deeply then my clients were able to hold on to their as well.

Finally, I was able to support my clients the way I really wanted without me having to suffer at all.

This not only deepend my work and the outcomes my clients created but I was able to celebrate and keep going.



The Energy Academy.

The place where you learn how to become an Energy Embodiment Coach and grow a soul led meaningful, sustainable and profitable business.

YES, you get to be that person with a meaningful, sustainable and profitable business!

Even better, you don't need to be born with a unicorn’s alicorn on your head to become an Energy Embodiment Coach.



What you do need is:
  • A deep understanding of energy behaviour
  • Proven energy embodiment system in your toolkit
  • An Energy Embodiment coaching presence
  • Build a cultivated environment
  • Trust in your own energy, intuition and guidance
  • An end to end way to work with your clients
  • Guidance from a Master Energy Embodiment Coach and a supportive community


These were all the things that I was never taught and I was desperate to know.

This is what I have been creating over the last 12 years. Supporting and helping coaches and intuitive healers create the energy coaching businesses that allow them to be sought after in their industries.


Is Energy Embodiemnt coaching such important work, especially now?


As more people awaken to the world around them they NEED someone to support them in their awakening and ascension.
Energy Embodiment Coaching is a powerful way in which individuals are supported as they release the conditioning and patterns that have been given to them by this system we live in. Regardless if by DNA, ancestral, recent family or past life, we all carry wounds and conditions that are passed on to us. Energy Embodiment  Coaching allows the person to be released from these conditions so that they can connect with their true power and live in the true vision they came here to live. As themselves.
It is relevant in every niche, for every industry.

Bringing all of my training, energy healing, embodiment and coaching expertise into one place so that you don’t have to be frustrated, confused and held back any longer. No more playing small and boxing yourself into the place that leaves you feeling like you are not supporting your clients as deeply as you know you want to and can.

where to begin...

Certification of Energy EMBODIMENT coaching



The Energy Academy is a program I WISHED I had when I was building my coaching and ultimately Energy Embodiment Coaching experience.

A place where I could build my confidence and trust in my energy and healing intuition while having a framework that guided me to deepen my Energy Embodiment Coaching experience and become a sought after Energy Embodiment Coach and thought leader.

The Energy Academy is a place where you will learn:

  • A proven Energy Embodiment Coaching Framework for you to immediately use in your business
  • Three energy modalities including end to end resources to use with your clients
  • How to identify your clients’ energy embodiment blueprint
  • How to clear blocks and conditioning at a soul energy level
  • How to work with your own energy embodiment blueprint for deeper connections to your energy healing - it always starts with self.
  • How to untangle your energy from other people and stop it from happening again - hello new relationship cycle.
  • How to cultivate your energy embodiment presence as an energy coach, so that you can confidently hold your space and power 
  • How to hold your energetic space when having challenging conversations
  • How to create quantum shifts in your clients experiences in business and life.
  • How to create deeper connection with their own energy embodiment blueprint
  • How to build confidence in your intuition 
  • How to connect with and carve yourself a purposeful niche that will support the people your soul desires to support
  • How to create a deep sense of self and power



PLUS the areas that separate good energy embodiment coaches from great, life changing ones:
  • Cultivating energy environments for transformation and change
  • Separating the EGO mind from the energy embodiment coach (this is huge and not often taught)
  • Raising your vibration for optimal energy coaching and transformation
  • Deep session work that will prepare you for anything (I mean anything)
  • The ecology of energy embodiment coaching
  • How to ensure energy is protected and looped for optimal transformation so that your client gains all the benefit and you do not continue to carry the energy coaching session with you

YES, being an effective Energy Embodiment Coach means you will learn how to work with the most consistent and reliable source of information you have available on this planet.

Being able to read and discern energy is the key to being able to create the most effective and soulful environment for your clients and it is the way that you never entangle your energy again.

This certification program means that you will have the confidence to hold space for the Energy Embodiment Coaching that is required in any session. A deep connection to your intuition and guidance so that you will always be in the right relationship with the energy session and needs of your clients. This will give you the freedom to build sessions you love, that are fun and have your unique flare and expertise.

No more shoving yourself into a box.




  • Fortnightly Group Coaching and Mentoring
  • Fortnightly Group Energy Practicums
  • Eight Modules
  • Scripts, Tools and Resources to support all of your training and ability to work as an Energy Embodied Coach
  • Supportive community
  • A personalised experience for YOU to learn how to embody your energy first so that can deepen your experience as a coach or consultant.
  • By the end of this training you will know how to conduct Energy Embodiment Coaching sessions that are ecological, effective, soul led and connected to your purpose and unique gifts.
Chakra subtle bodies
this is for you if:
  • You have completed your coach training
  • You are ready to expand your coaching business and provide a deeper transformation for your clients
  • You are experiencing the impacts of being sensitive to energy and it is causing you to disconnect and doubt your value
  • You know that you want to learn HOW to embody your own energy so that you can provide deeper support for yourself and your clients.
  • You want to feel confident in connecting with your clients multiple ways knowing when to do what and why,
  • You want feel more like yourself, have fun and reap the rewards of building this level of expertise.
  • You want to feel grounded in the confidence to utilise your Energy Embodiment Coach approach with all of your clients regardless of your niche or industry

This is most definitely not for you if:

  •  You are looking to add another certificate to your resume
  • You are wanting to bypass the work of an energy coach you can join the ‘spiritual hype’
  • You want to prove your intuition as being ‘right’
yes, this if for me!
the investment

Enrollment is NOW OPEN for MAY 2022 intake.

  •  Investment $4444 Aud

  • PLUS - when you pay in full
    • you will also access a half day business audit and strategy review on exactly how you expand your Energy Embodiment Coaching business, including products and programs for your niche. VALUE $3500
  • 6-month payment plan $780 per month.

If you are ready to enrol please choose your pay in full or payment plan option or you are welcome to book a time with me (using the link below) or DM on Instagram @mareeeddings


I’ve got answers…

Having some experience working with people is a pre-requisite because this is not a base level training.

More Questions?

If you have any other questions that have not been addressed here please book a call to speak with Maree here

about Maree

Hi I’m Maree

I am an Energy Sensitive, Change Leader and Energy Embodiment Coach and Trainer who is on a mission to expand Energy Embodiment throughout the world.

Energy Embodiment Coaching is an expansive, practical, unique and deeply effective and we need more people to awaken their Energy Embodiment within.

My connection to the energy world started when I was studying Master Practitioner of NLP. My life changed in an hour. There was a module on energy. Sixteen hours of study on the topic of energy. It was like a massive light was shining me, the heavens opened and those angel sounds were raining down on me.

I knew in that instance that ENERGY was what I was here for and I needed to know everything I could.

As a trained Coach one of the first business tools I created was a tool kit for other coaches to connect the training of NLP, Spiral Dynamics and the Chakra System. I was so passionate about people being seen as a whole person I couldn’t help but create these tools and workshops.

At the time I was not fully aware of what an Energy Embodiment Coach or Healer was or that you could actually build a business being one. I certainly didn’t realise that at my core this is what I was expressing.

It set my life on a course that supported me and changed my very successful and lucrative corporate career into answering questions about the energetic nature of human beings, the behaviour that keeps energy vibrating at certain frequencies and how you create environments of trust as an Energy Embodiment Coach to support my clients.

Over the last 13 years I have been working as an Energy Embodiment Coach and Leadership Coach. My soul is here to help elevate the world with deeper consciousness and working with energy is how I do that. Every day. I have developed my own Energy Embodiment Modalities, I am trained in NLP, Advanced Matrix Therapies, Reiki, Life Coaching, Angel Intuitive, Chakra Healing and Chakra Embodiment Healing (this last one is my baby).

I am energy sensitive and have been feeling the energy of other people my whole life. So it is fair to say I have probably been working with energy my whole life.

I have created The Energy Academy so other coaches and healers can connect with their deep soul healing purpose and and lead their own soul led healing business.

Maree xx