Find Your Ground

release the gunk of 2023 and align with your energetic ground
How much fun was that!

2023 was definitely a year full of contrast.  As the year of knowing thy self it definitely invited us to get honest about who we really are what really matters to us.

This doesn't mean that its all rainbows and butterflys, its more likely that the contrast felt heavy and constraining. Using contrast to find liberation is one way and so is bouncing through the energy.

In this session I share:

  • The purpose of the deep contrast of 2023
  • The part of you that is ready to emerge and be embodied
  • The path of the leader in 2023


Join me as I guide on a releasing experience that untangles you from everything that is not yours to carry, a connection to your ground and your energy so that you lean into the deeper alignment of your heart and purpose.

Please share your experience on Instagram and of course ask questions.

I look forward to also connecting with you on January 9 where  will guide you into embodiment of 2024.

Maree xxx