Find Your Ground

Embody your intentions and live the life you desire in 2024
Look out 2024!

Learning how to set intention and work with the energy of my core power changed my life.

The first time I fully embodied my intentions was 17 years ago.  I could feel the pull of this part of me that was ready to be lived.  A part of me that I had not been living but I knew in my heart existed.

This part of me felt so powerful it scared me.  Could I really live this way and be this way? It felt so unfamiliar and uncomfortable.  All the ways I had been making myself feel safe, well this part of me was not living like that at all.

And I knew this part was not going to be ignored anymore.  The fear of never living this part me was now more painful than staying as I was.  Even though this felt impossible, I also had this level of trust and curiosity to follow what my heart was saying.

In this session I share with you the power of intention setting and getting to know what your core power feels like.

This is not a now or never situation, nor is there an ounce of scarcity or fear in the room.

Enjoy this gathering as you get to access that part of you that is calling on your heart and asking you to get to know your core power.

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Maree xxx