If the end of year wrap up process makes you feel like you want to run away with your hands over your ears yelling la la la la then this is an episode that you will LOVE.

I sucked at end of year processes.  I would feel shame and fear regardless of what the year was like.  When I realised that it was the process and not me this amazing experience emerged.

In this episode I share an organic reflection process that showed up about 8 years ago and has helped me build TRUST in myself and confidence in my growth.

I share:

  • How the process starts – I don’t set the time it does
  • What my 2021 reflections have been
  • The impact on people

AND there was a PLOT TWIST this year that took my breath away.

If you want to add to your reflecting approach or start one, then enjoy this episode.

I would LOVE to know how you reflect on your year.  I invite you to connect with me on Instagram @mareeeddings and let’s chat.

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