Ignite your Influence

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Do you want to be able to work out your next step INFLUENTIAL WOMXN style?

Feeling stuck, confused, overwhelmed are all part of stepping into a change leadership role.  I know that you have a big vision and I know that you are supremely talented.  I also know that shaking up the status quo can be daunting.

Speaking out, owning your voice, trying something new are all part of us being able to lead in a new way.

This is why I have created these IGNITE YOUR INFLUENCE opportunities.

You get me one to one for up to 90 minutes.

I support you Influential Womxn style for where you are at with the next step in your change vision.

While you can use this time with me for your desire the ways I have seen it been used well and effectively are:

  • when you are preparing for a workshop or event and want to funnel your work through the Influential Womxn approach
  • when you are holding a class or meeting and want to introduce new materials
  • when you are launching a brand or new idea
  • when you need to make a decision about making a change........this one is popular working out your next step.

As I said the time is there for you to bring you to the table.

What you get from me is:

  • I hold space for your potential to change and rise
  • I guide you to lean into Influential Womxn approach so you have deeper clarity, connection and confidence to express and implement.
  • I will lean into my intuition as well as my deep business and leadership experience.

If you would like to feel like you have me in your back pocket for some of the decisions and actions you want to make in the world then you should book Ignite your Influence session with me.


Please note these are not ongoing coaching or support sessions they are complete session.


YOU can book your session here: https://mareeeddings.as.me/ignite-your-influence


This is how you access

Ignite you Influence

Yep, that’s right! You can Ignite your Influence from wherever you are in the world. This is where we do all our work via the magic of ZOOM, baby.


I know you can feel the change

Want to know how to lead as an Influential Womxn?

Download the "9 Attributes of Influential Womxn" to get started.

9 Attributes of Influential Womxn