It is time for you to

Ignite Your Influence

Right now your business may be providing you with more questions than answers

You are not sure which is the next best thing to do. There is so much going on at once.

How do you trust your intuition right now?

What if you take the wrong turn?

How do you decide the next steps for your business?


  • How do I share my real work with the world?
  • Should I take my business online?
  • If so, how and when? And what do I charge?
  • Is it even okay to charge for my work right now?
  • Should I be discounting or is that wrong?
  • How do I bring my community together?
  • How can I add the most value?
  • How do I know what products and services will be the best to offer my clients?
  • How do I invest in my clients and business when I feel depleted myself?
  • How do I stay focused with so much going on?
  • Is my work relevant right now?

These are ALL questions that I know you are thinking about and asking yourself right now.

They are GREAT questions.

Yes, we are in new territory and you, as a business womxn, are being asked to navigate your business in a new way.  You need to decide how you want to serve your clients.  Do you need to pivot or release?  Is there something else you should be doing?

Before you answer any of those questions we need to talk about the bigger question that is at play here.......

This is the question that is actually creating all of the other questions.


What is your real vision that you are here to lead?


Yep, it is that one question that is floating around in the back of your mind.  Of course you can keep doing what you are doing however as the energy is shifting I know you are getting impatient with not leading with your true vision.


Now visions are not set in stone but they come from a deep part of who you really are.  They speak the language of your soul and so they share a part of you.  This is where the rub comes in.

I know you can feel the shift in vibration and that means that you need to as well.  YOU came here for this expansion after all.  All the talk of 5D and well it is here.

It is time for you to lean into not lean away from what you are here to do.  It is a time for you to come closer to your intuition, trust your instincts and make sure you are turning up in the rooms where other amazing business womxn are.  This is not a time to be part of the mass it is time to lead.

I understand why you may be hesitating and I understand this might be new territory.  I also understand that if you don't ignite your vision and vibration nothing is going to change.

You didn't come here to sit on the side lines.  Right now you may be finding it challenging to hear your intuition or trust your instincts.  There is so much energy flying around it is to be expected.


How would it feel to have the confidence in your intuition and instincts to make the right decisions for your business now?


A way that you can reconnect with your vision and align your vibration so that can ignite your influence.

This 4 - week program is designed for YOU to come back to that place of clarity, focus and confidence.  Where your vision speaks louder than the distractions and you feel fully aligned with your next steps.

Think of it as an IMMUNITY BOOST for your business.

We kick off with a personal one to one strategic and energy alignment session with me, YES will have your own personal energy yoda, who has 25 years plus in business strategy and leadership, to guide and work with you personally.

Together, in this personalised one-to-one session (we can change the world in 90 minutes), we will:

  • clear and ground your energy of any blocks
  • brainstorm, strategise and create a plan for your business,
  • identify and reconnect you with your vision
  • align your mindset so that you can create money and momentum now and
  • the energy and vitality to be able to enjoy it.

Sounds cool right!

To lead your business you must have confidence in your own intuition and ability to make decisions for the next vital steps in your business.  This means you will need some additional support and guidance:

The other three modules are delivered virtually and we cover:

  • Align
  • Presence
  • Momentum

These modules are to support  you stay focused, aligned and present to the momentum so that you can continue to stay grounded and expand.


You have weekly access to me personally on VOXER


A library of energy tools to help you each day with your vibration.

The investment for this amazing opportunity is only AU$555.00, your time and willingness to be the leader that I know you came here to be.


“Maree is a deeply profound and powerful coach, healer and leader.

She supported me to energetically shift a lot of heaviness, quickly and with ease. She also allowed me to see and experience the importance of having clear energy of my own. Through working with Maree, I realised how to ignite my influence and received so many of the resources, tools and insight I needed to move forward with alignment, presence and momentum in doing that too. Maree is incredibly gifted at what she does. She intuitively guided me to see that which I was seeking, but unable to find. Maree weaves holding space with energy alchemy and the gift of her absolutely beautiful, priestess presence - pure magic to experience, work with and learn from. Big love Maree! xo "

Jessica Savage

So if you are ready to stop the confusion, the overwhelm and the fear about your business now AND you want to have the energy to enjoy it, then come join me NOW.

We can get started straight away, simply book your personalised time with me by clicking the BUY NOW button below and you and me are going to answer that bigger question you have right now and raise the energetic ceiling of your business.

This is how you access

Ignite you Influence

Yep, that’s right! You can Ignite your Influence from wherever you are in the world. This is where we do all our work via the magic of ZOOM, baby.

It's a perfect time to have an online business


I know you can feel the change

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9 Attributes of Influential Womxn