Have you ever wondered why you get stuck in circling around in a decision making maze?  

Trying to find the perfect way to describe what you do?  

How do you really explain all the amazing aspects of what you want to say and make it sound credible and compelling?  This cycle goes around and around and is frustrating as hell.  

I know it has caught me on more than one occasion and feels like I have been asked this question a million times.  

In today’s episode I reveal the patriarchal condition that has you caught in a trap.  I dive deeply into the impact this has on the role of the leader and what we need to do now to stop the cycle so you can bring your Divine Leadership to life.

Unconditioning this patriarchal doozy means you need to be willing to uncheck a few boxes.

Let me know which ones you can see that need to be unchecked

I would love to know more so please DM me on Instagram and let’s chat @mareeeddings


If you want to practice how you bring your BIG VISION INTO NOW this is for you!

If you are a coach and you know or are playing with how to expand your practice to include energy,  maybe you have a similar path to mine that leads you to coaching.  

On Thursday 17 June I am teaching a class on how you can join the dots from Coach to Energy Healer.  There are four coach profiles that I will be sharing and teaching you how you can start to use and implement this.

 If this is YOU then register for the class here: https://mareeeddings.com/masterclass-tea/

I look forward to connecting with you there.

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