Crystal Bowl Healing

Influential Womxn as you commence your program as a Divine Leader of Change, I offer you this custom recording.  This piece of music has been commissioned for you to support you during this program.


Prior to the program offically commencing I invite you to listen to this piece multiple times.  It will assist you in re aligning your energy and vibration and offer support for your nervous system.


Please do not listen to this piece while you are driving a car.


This piece was created and recorded live by Emma Lees in at Buzz recording studios in Byron Bay, for the sole purpose of supporting the work you will commence in this program as Influential Womxn Leaders.


If you are new to crystal bowl sound healing, this is a powerful modality.  Enjoy the conscious and unconscious experience that you may have.  You may fall asleep while listening and thats okay.  You may or may not have a physical or emotional response.  It is all okay.  Each time you listen to it you may feel different.


This offering has a specific purpose.  To support you.


Please enjoy as you prepare for your work as an Influential Womxn.


Maree xx