Your New Roadmap for the NEW WAY of doing Business and Life in what seems like 'BIZARRO' world right now........

Thursday 26 November 10.00am AEDST


Yes, as you move to the end of 2020 you are realising that more has changed about your business and life than you had planned.

You are feeling disconnected, irritated, frustrated and yes I know at times you feel helpless.

You have skin in the game, a family to feed and I know this is not your first rodeo!

However not much feels the same as it used to to feel. You have had a year that has bombarded you with information, conflict, drama and all of your world has been amplified.

You thought once it was all over that you would pick up where you left off and you are now realising that is simply not going to work.

This episode of BIZARRO world is not shifting and you are wondering what the heck do you need to do to make this work AND I know you are feeling like you just don't have what you used to in the tank to "make it happen".

YES all of this things you are feeling are real.

YES 2020 did a lot of shaking up and NOTHING is going back to what it was.

So how do you take what you KNOW and recalibrate your business and life to the NEW WAY of Leading, Living and Loving?

This is exactly what I will be covering in this masterclass.


 Here's what I'll be covering in the Masterclass:

  • The Fatigue Cycle that has been created in 2020, how to know if you are in it and what to do to interrupt it.
  • Why even the most experienced of leaders and influencers were caught by surprise at the impact of 2020 and how you can remedy it.
  • Why BOUNDARIES are no longer the answer (YES I KNOW!) and what to focus on instead
  • How to identify which STRATEGIES are no longer serving and supporting you in your Life and Business and how to UPGRADE them
  • Why you feel like you have lost CLARITY of thought, CREATIVITY and the ability to create CONTENT and the ways you move beyond that to being tapped in powerhouse for change.


What if you don't currently work as a leader?

I love this question because it is one of the first myths that influential womxn bust.  Leadership is not about a hierarchy.  This thinking is what keeps womxn stuck and not creating the change they want and need in the world.


How long is the Masterclass?

I have reserved an hour for us to be together including questions.


What technology will I need?

You will need good wifi and access to the internet and access to Zoom.  The training will be hosted on zoom and once you register you will receive the details via email, including a zoom link for the class.


What if I can't attend live, I don't want to miss out?

You won't miss out, there will be a replay.  However you must register for the event so that we can send it to you.



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About Maree


Hi I’m Maree

I am I am Teacher of Transformational Leadership for Womxn, The Creatrix of Influence Womxn Collective and Leadership Programs, a Speaker and Podcaster and I work with womxn who are 40 and beyond who want to know how to leverage their divine nature in the roles of Leadership and Business.

I shifted my life and business from being an Executive Director in a global investment bank to one that I am dedicated to mentoring womxn lead and live in this NEW ERA. I have been working with this change over the last decade (yes it has been occurring for a while now!) and 2020 has been the catalyst for more visionary, change making womxn becoming aware of the real impact of this change.

Right now this feels heavy and hard. I get it.

I combine my expertise in Human Behaviour, Energy Consciousness and Change Leadership to create an experience for womxn to Lead, Live and Love this NEW ERA in a NEW WAY. One that create meaningful, sustainable and profitable change.

We are in a time in history when we can no longer wait for the ‘good sense’ and ‘good people’ to make changes. It is time for our spaces to lead by the behaviours of the divine masculine and feminine, a time when behavioural responsibility and energy consciousness leads the way so that we can all experience and thrive in a new level of thinking and paradigm of business.

I can't wait to meet you in the Masterclass.