How to connect the dots from Coach to Energy Healer, learn the exact process to build your business based on your wisdom and purpose

Thursday 17 June 12.00pm AEST

You know that you love your work as a coach and you there is something else for you.....

I get it.

That was EXACTLY how I felt when I started working as a trained coach.

It ticked lots of boxes for me AND there was this undeniable PULL towards something else.

I was experiencing many things as I was coaching and I didn't know what to do. This was outside of my coach training and I didn't know what to do.

If I am honest this was not only happening in my coaching sessions. It was like I had turned on a tap.

I know this is happening for you too.

I kept asking 'Now what do I do?"

At the time I didn't realise that what I was experiencing was the move from Coach to Energy Healer.

This move can feel weird and awkward and confusing.

This is exactly why I running this FREE Masterclass.

So that you can CONNECT the dots from Coach to Energy Healer for yourself.


 Here's what I'll be covering in the Masterclass:

  • The FOUR Coach profiles that are already on the path the Energy Healer
  • How you can identify your Energy Healer within.
  • The NEXT steps for you to make this transition.


What if you don't currently work as a coach?

If you are being called to open yourself up to explore what it means to be an Energy Healer then I welcome you to this Masterclass. I will be talking about Coach profiles so there will be some coach style language, however I am really tapping into the Energy Healer within.


How long is the Masterclass?

I have reserved an hour for us to be together including questions.


What technology will I need?

You will need good wifi and access to the internet and access to Zoom.  The training will be hosted on zoom and once you register you will receive the details via email, including a zoom link for the class.


What if I can't attend live, I don't want to miss out?

You won't miss out, there will be a replay.  However you must register for the event so that we can send it to you.



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About Maree


Hi I’m Maree

I am I am Teacher of Transformational Leadership for Womxn, The Creatrix of Influence Womxn Collective and Leadership Programs, a Speaker and Podcaster and I work with womxn who are 40 and beyond who want to know how to leverage their divine nature in the roles of Leadership and Business.

I shifted my life and business from being an Executive Director in a global investment bank to one that I am dedicated to mentoring womxn lead and live in this NEW ERA. I have been working with this change over the last decade (yes it has been occurring for a while now!) and 2020 has been the catalyst for more visionary, change making womxn becoming aware of the real impact of this change.

Right now this feels heavy and hard. I get it.

I combine my expertise in Human Behaviour, Energy Consciousness and Change Leadership to create an experience for womxn to Lead, Live and Love this NEW ERA in a NEW WAY. One that create meaningful, sustainable and profitable change.

We are in a time in history when we can no longer wait for the ‘good sense’ and ‘good people’ to make changes. It is time for our spaces to lead by the behaviours of the divine masculine and feminine, a time when behavioural responsibility and energy consciousness leads the way so that we can all experience and thrive in a new level of thinking and paradigm of business.

I can't wait to meet you in the Masterclass.