The Witch Wound with Lisa Kotz

Have you heard of the WITCH WOUND?

Do you know if you have one? In today’s episode I chat with Lisa Kotz about the impacts this wound really has on women in 2021.

Through Lisa’s experience and commitment to her own personal sovereignty, Lisa has uncovered her own witch wound and now holds space for other women as they uncover their own.

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Annie Gichuru, Leading Diversity, Equity and Inclusion in 2021

The year after the world moved it’s feet in the name of Black Lives Matter, what impact has it had in our daily lives.

Have we embraced Diversity, Equity and Inclusion into our businesses and lives?

In today’s episode I chatted with Annie Girchuru who is a leading coach and consultant in Diversity, Equity and Inclusion. What does the DEI space look like in 2021? What mistakes are being made and how do we ensure that we continue to move those feet and bring racial justice and equity to the world?

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Was the change of 2020 /21 really written in the stars? With Astrologer Kat Ellis

Was the change that we have experienced in 2020 and 2021 really that random or was it written in the stars. Is this all predetermined and what role does the cosmos have in what we are experiencing and where we are going.

In today’s episode I chatted with Kat Ellis. Kat is a sharmanic astrologer, energy and sound healer and someone that I have personally worked with many times. Kat and I discuss the planetary influencers that have been supporting the upheaval and change that we are experiencing and what is yet to come.

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Beyond the ENERGY HIGH, how to lead and create tangible change

There is no doubt that when I talk about energy the conversation about the ENERGY HIGH!

It is a cosy wonderful experience AHHHHHH the serenity!

The challenge with chasing the energy high is that it does not create sustainable change. The reason is that we often use the high as a release and think that we have hit the end game and in reality we have opened the gate.

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The one question everyone asks me about Leadership, Change and Energy

Humans are fascinating and at the heart, good.  We have so much to offer the world, the people we love…

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The leadership shift we all need.

We are living at a crossroad.

Do we push with the same old same old OR do we seek the opportunity and create something else?

If you know that you came here to be part of the change then I know you have your hand up for taking the opportunity to create something new.

In this episode I share with you that exact opportunity. The Leadership shift is here my friend and the question is are you going to take it?

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The Impact of Patriarchy in 2021

Have you ever wondered why our society continues to be ruled by a Patriarchy structure and systems?

In this episode I share how our society came about and why it continues to hold its form and explore what the impact of patriarchy is in 2021.

If you know you have come here to lead change then this episode is for YOU.

If you are ready to learn how to step out of the vibration of patriarchy then I invite you to training that is specifically for you.

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Sacred Leadership with Julie Parker`

I can’t think of better time than right now for us to ALL be talking about leadership.

How we have been conditioned to think about leadership is now not cutting it and it hasn’t for a long time.

In today’s episode I chat with Julie Parker, CEO and Founder of Beautiful You Coaching Academy and Co Founder of the Priestess Temple School.

Julie shares with us her definition of Sacred Leadership and why now more than ever it is time that we make the decision to step away from the old ways of leading and step into the power of sacred leading.

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The impact of your personal style with Lauren Di Bartolo

Do you know your personal style?

Does it matter?

What impact does it really have?

In today’s episode the Founder of Australian Style Institute, Lauren DiBartolo answers these questions.
There might be more to this than you first think.

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Feminine Embodiment with Simone Turner

We hear the term embodiment quite a lot these days and while it may mean different things to different people, you know when you are in the presence of it.

That is exactly what I experienced the first time I had an interaction with Simone Turner.

Yes, as a Feminine Embodiment, Simone walks her talk. In this episode, Simone shares what it means to be embodied and demonstrates it live.

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