Three Power moves that will give you more time, money and energy.

Your relationship with your power can feel conditional and unpredictable.

It can feel like you are on a rollercoaster, one minute it is all there and just like that it goes down.
It impacts your time, money and energy. And it sucks.

In this episode I give you THREE POWER moves that help you build a solid relationship with your power so that you never have to step foot on that roller coaster again.

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Making Peace with my PAUSE – Hello 51

A reflection of the decade that has led me to now, on the eve of my 51st bday, I share three life-changing experiences that have helped me make peace with my PAUSE.

We need more women to feel at ease about talking about this phase of life as it is much more than hormones.

I hope this helps you reflect on your own journey with your PAUSE and connect with other women.

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Accessing your sovereign path with divine knowing with Suzy Cherub

As more of us awaken to ourselves the role of the psychic medium is one that I think plays a significant role.

No longer hidden in the shadows or underground, the role of the medium and healer are merging.

In this episode I chat with Internationally awarded Suzy Cherub. She shares her awakening from corporate high flyer to psychic medium. Her story of what felt like an instant awakening to follow her true calling has led her to working with thousands of people around the world helping them connect with their life and step onto their path of connecting with their intuition.

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Are you in a decision making rut?

Are you in a decision making rut?

In this episode I explore how these ruts are created, how you know if you are in one and what you can do to step out of it.

Let’s be honest, sometimes we avoid making decisions because they feel uncomfortable and hard. So we stick with what feels familiar and justify why we don’t make the decision we really want to make.

In this episode I am going to explore WHY and HOW, so you can make the switch and start making decisions that are connected to you and only you.

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Do you have what it takes to be an Energy Healer?

Too often the area of energy and healing are misunderstood and therefore not fully explored.

In this episode I bust some myths and share with you 4 profiles that are ready to expand their business and life with energy.

This episode may surprise you and have you asking yourself, Do you have what it takes to be an Energy Healer?

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How to hold your power in any situation and in any room.

Giving your power away is frustrating, confusing and the ONE thing that disguises itself in most of our human interactions.

In today’s episode I dive into why it happens and why none of us are immune to AND how you can stop the cycle.

Understanding your energy blueprint is key to being able to hold your power regardless of who is in the room,any room and in any situation.

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It is time to bring your Divine Leadership to life.

Have you ever wondered why you get stuck in circling around in a decision making maze?

Trying to find the perfect way to
describe what you do

How do you really explain all the amazing aspects of what you want to say and make it sound credible and compelling?

This cycle goes around and around and is frustrating as hell.

I know it has caught me on more than one occasion and feels like I have been asked this question a million times.

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Divine Leadership Happens Together with Tracey Pattison & Lilly Tiffen Fuller

You are in for a treat as I chat with not one but two amazing humans.

As women we can sometimes think that to be a leader or when we think about change that we must armour up and have all the answers. We carry the burden of other people and fear being visible and accepted.

One of the reasons this gets activated in us is our relationship with other women.

In this episode I share a part of my life that I hope will help you to rewrite that story for yourself and be inspired to seek out and connect with women as part of your core support group.

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Big Vision? How to bring it into THE NOW

On this episode of the podcast I share something that EVERY SINGLE one of my clients ask and I myself have experienced.

You have a big vision and the knowledge that you want to be part of change but when you try and figure it out you get stuck with trying to make an impossible decision.

I get it.

I uncover for you why this happens and how you bring your big vision into the NOW. I want you to stop this cycle and get you on the path so that you can connect with your Divine Leader.

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Welcome to Divine Leaders of Change Podcast

Hello and welcome to Divine Leaders of Change the podcast

I am your host Maree Eddings

This is the welcome episode to the podcast. You will learn more about the intention of the podcast and what you can expect each week.

This podcasts aims to answer three questions

What if you were never conditioned with a Patriarchal mindset, structure or system

Who would you be instead

And now that we are here how do we lead our way out of it

Join me as we explore the world of energy wisdom and consciousness, leadership and change so that we can answer these questions and start to unravel this cluster that we find ourselves in.

Its time for us to ask questions, have conversations and some fun so that we can be Divine Leaders of Change

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