Grounding and Clearing Spray


Specifically formulated to activate and ground all seven main chakras, this grounding and clearing spray is designed for you to experience:

  • clear and grounded amongst your racing thoughts
  • calm and focused regardless of what is going on around you
  • connected and happy when things seem to be a bit too much

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Easy to use spray, breathe and go it is packaged so you can bring it where ever you go and have a spare for the desk.  Use as often as you like (it smells amazing) and know that each time you use you are giving yourself space for yourself.  Think of it as a spray of self love.

The MOST favourite ways consumers say they use it are:

  • before meditation or a grounding practice
  • to start the day with clear focus and a fresh perspective
  • when their energy feels a bit funky
  • before they are about to have a meeting or conversation
  • before they run their team meetings – setting the tone and energy
  • when they have been around some negative vibes (I’m being polite)
  • to support sleep for children (please note this is not a prescribed sleep formula)
  • when they need and want a pick me up
  • to put a spring in their step

I would love to know how you love to use it.

Formulated with 13 essential oils hand chosen to being the effect of feeling clear, calm and grounded.  This is how we aid own health and wellbeing with each and every spray.

Enjoy and I know you will love the feeling of being grounded.


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