I can’t think of better time than right now for us to ALL be talking about leadership.  

How we have been conditioned to think about leadership is now not cutting it and it hasn’t for a long time.

In today’s episode I chat with Julie Parker, CEO and Founder of Beautiful You Coaching Academy  and Co Founder of the Priestess Temple School.

Julie shares with us her definition of Sacred Leadership and why now more than ever it is time that we make the decision to step away from the old ways of leading and step into the power of sacred leading.

This episode has many goosebumps as we explore:

  • Julie’s role as a CEO and how she uses Sacred Leadership in her business
  • The importance of our connection to culture and ancestry
  • An experience that Julie created for me and other women in exploring our priestess journey that led us to profound life shift in Glastonbury
  • The impact of Julie handing back a prestigious book award because the publisher did not provide or support diverse voices.
  • & much more

This is a must listen episode where you will hear from someone who is at the top of their field and leading the way, Julie definitely walks her talk.


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