Maree Eddings speaks
to womxn about

influence and power

An eloquent expert voice on energy consciousness and leading in a new paradigm

Maree is a thought leader and champion for womxn who want to leverage their Divine Nature so they can change the world


Maree walks, talks and writes on a singular message -

It’s time to change the conversation, leverage our Divine Nature and shift the leadership and business paradigm

Based in Byron Bay, Maree teaches about the need to upgrade the conversation from competency and hierarchy models of leadership and business to models of self responsibility, expanded vibration and sustainable change.

Maree’s previous speaking engagements have included:

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Maree would be delighted to talk on include:

  • Pinking up the Patriarchy: Why most diversity and inclusion approaches fail
  • Why the new paradigms of leadership are about consciousness not compassion
  • Spiritual thought leadership and why Womxn need to speak out
  • How Womxn shut themselves out of the influence game and what they need to do about it
  • The Feminine Frontier: How exceptional Womxn build influence and drive change
  • Why Men NEED Womxn to take the lead now, and how this will enable their brilliance.

Time Zones

Maree is based in Byron Bay, Australia and sets aside particular days for interviews. She can speak all around the world from her home between the hours of 7 am and 11 pm AEST.

To book Maree
for a speaking engagement or to request an interview

To book Maree for a speaking engagement or to request an interview contact her team via the form. Fill in the form with all of your details and if there’s a fit we will be in touch for next steps. Your message will get a response within two business days.

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Maree loves to connect and collaborate with other amazing people who are focussed on breaking the cycles of what we know and how we behave to collectively create a new level of consciousness. If you have awesome thought leadership stuff Maree would love to hear from you. Get in touch via the contact form.