Thank-you for being part of my community


Navigating the energy and the world right now can feel challenging I know.  The work that we are here to do means that we need to become more and more equipped at how to work with our own energy consciousness. This includes developing a stronger relationship with our own power and what it feels like.

Please accept this gift from me as resource for you to use and lean into so that you can connect with your power each day.

Navigating the world right now needs leaders who can hold their power and space for themselves and others.

Enjoy xx


About Maree

Maree is an Energy Sensitive, Change Leader and Energy Healer who is on a mission to expand the energy consciousness of the world through her training programs Divine Leaders of Change Sistermind and The Energy Academy.

She is the host of the podcast Divine Leaders of Change and her aim is for us to ask and ponder the following three questions

What if you were never conditioned with a Patriarchal mindset, structure or system?

Who would you be instead?

And now that we are here how do we lead our way out of it?

This is her ride or die focus for how she wants to contribute to the world and help womxn expand their energy consciousness so that they too can hold their power in any situation and in any room and as a result shift that paradigm that we all experience.

Maree is trained in Life Coaching, NLP as a Master Practitioner, Advanced Matrix Therapies, Hypnosis and Reiki.  She has created her own healing methodologies, Discern Vibrational Mapping and Chakra Colour Healing and works with women to support them release the conditioning of the old systems so that they can find out who they would be without them.

It is time for women to step into their role as a Divine Leader with curiosity and a knowing that this is the role they were born to play.