This was an episode I was hesitant to record.  I have sat with this for a few weeks.  I have been concerned with what you might say. It felt really personal. Then I remembered that the purpose of this podcast and my work is PRIMARILY about YOU.  Supporting you in being able to connect with your power and the energy of that power so that you can step away from that very old and outdated conditioning.

So this episode is all about that!

How being connected and understanding the energetics of my sensitivity and how power is really experienced resulted in a book publishing deal.  This was not on my vision board nor was I using any manifesting hacks.

If you have get yourself published on your dream board I know this will add value.  If you want to stop being pulled around by other people’s energy and start building your relationship with your energy so that you can be grounded in the confidence of your sensitivity then I know this episode is also for you.

If you want to join me so that you can build your relationship with your own energy and its power then I invite you to join me in The Energy Code.  This is the place I have created for people like you to build a powerful relationship of independence so that you can experience an extraordinary life.

You can check it HERE.

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