It is time for you to get out of the sh*t of other people’s energy so that you can do your most potent work in the world.


Are you a coach, creative and visionary lightworker or change maker who has amazing work to do in the world and right now you are feeling burdened by other people’s BS energy?

If you are holding space for people right now and even trying to get through your day, firstly you are an AMAZING HUMAN and I know you are feeling tired and drained, even sick and tired of other people’s energy.

The world is feeling hostile and being able to have conversations right now seems challenging. It’s harder than ever to get clients, show up for your people, and still feel revitalised, creative and energised within yourself.

You have tried retreating and your self care might as well be a full time job and yet this still feels heavy, confusing and you are now getting frustrated.

Ellie Swift

“No one is more suited to talk about energy in the on-line space right now, than Maree Eddings”

- Ellie Swift, Marketing & Mindset Coach, Entrepreneur, International Speaker

Self doubt is starting to creep in, you are not sure you are cut out for this and you are beginning to lack the trust in your ability.  You are holding yourself back from your deeper vision because the energy of life right now is off the charts.

What if I told you that this is not all on your shoulders and there was a way that you could navigate this energy AND step closer to your potent work without breaking relationships, losing friends or clients? (unless you wanted to of course)

There is a missing link in what you are experiencing in the world today.  It is not taught in schools and we are not taught this in business.  It will profoundly shift the way you create, cultivate and navigate the energy of others and start to lead spaces instead of feeling helpless to change them.

Bec Cuzzillo

‘No one talks about energy the way Maree does” 

- Bec Cuzzillo, Spiritual Life & Business Coach




You can’t do your most potent work if you are distracted, wading through the vampires of the collective energy, cycling from bright to burnout and being fully distracted.

It impacts the way you really want to hold space for other people and even yourself and your vision.

The truth is if you really want to do your most potent work you need to create healthy energetic environments.

Environments where you know exactly what is yours and what is not.

Environments where you shift the focus so that you can stay grounded, clear and be that amazing visionary lightworker changemaker you have come here to be AND most of all continually creating healing connections with other people.

We are in the energy evolution where we have the invitation to shift the behavioral consciousness of the world.

Sounds big I know but it means that as individuals when we commit to the energetic responsibility that is required, the rest will take care of itself.





The Energy Code

A five-week, live teaching, coaching and energy releasing experience


It is time for you to get out of the sh*t of other people’s energy so that you can do your most potent work in the world.

Avril Carpenter

Maree has an encyclopedic wisdom of energy and her gift is in sharing energy healing in a tangible, practical and fun way.  Maree has the ability to make energy work accessible and understandable by distilling complex issues; she creates a judgement free space and always gets to the core of the issue.

- Avril Carpenter, Clinical Hypnotherapist
Imagine the shift from:
  • Reacting to the environment and fighting against the energy of the day TO  setting the energetic agenda for your life
  • Being pulled around TO feeling grounded in the confidence of your energetic sensitivity and power
  • Being confused about what is yours and what is not TO KNOWING your energy and how to dispel what is not
  • Feeling helpless TO creating energetic healthy environments - physically emotionally and spiritually
  • Being entangled with other people’s energy TO being in clear energy space all the time
  • Feeling like your time and energy is constantly distracted TO being connected to your potent work

‘Maree is really an a energy magician and she is going to change the world”

- Tahryn Bolt, Creative Director The Social Bolt
About Maree:

Hi I’m Maree

I am an Energy Sensitive, Change Leader and Energy Healer who is on a mission to expand the energy consciousness of the world through my training programs Divine Leaders of Change Sistermind and The Energy Academy, The Energy Code and my podcast Divine Leaders of Change.

I have been working with human behaviour for over 30 years and, while I love people, I don’t like carrying their crap.  Building a successful corporate career was always a balance between my skill and talent and other people.  In fact, other people are the number one reason why we hold ourselves back and don’t really step forward and lead.

I see this time & time again from CEO’s of international businesses to start-up entrepreneurs.  If you are in any contact with another human then you need to know what is your energy and what is not.  

Right now, I am sure you will agree, the energy around us feels heavy and hostile so we all MUST learn about entanglement of energy and how we stay out of it.

It wasn’t until I made the link between behaviour and energy that I was able to really support people in being able to change the game.  It’s not their personality or their skills that you are struggling with, it is their energy.  Their behavioural vibration.  

If you want to bring that potent work of yours to the world without carrying the shizzle of other people then you need to get into this energy game.

I would love to be your guide.

The creds: I am trained in Life Coaching, NLP as a Master Practitioner, Advanced Matrix Therapies, Hypnosis and Reiki.  I have created my own healing methodologies, Discern Vibrational Mapping and Chakra Colour Healing. I work with women to support them release the energy vibration and conditioning of the old systems so that they can find out who they would be without them.

If you are over feeling:
  • Feeling heavy in your mind and body
  • Tired of the stop start flow of your energy
  • Like you are struggling to get up and stay up
  • Frustrated at the all or nothing relationship nonsense that is happening around you
  • Helpless that you can’t wave that magic wand and change it all for people right now

Then I invite you to join me in The Energy Code.

This is how it comes together:

This is a five week, live teaching and coaching experience that will walk you through how to connect with you and your energy and put down the burden and crap of other people and their energetic restrictions.

Week One

The 5 Energy truths no one told you

How energy connects and disconnects, the true nature of energy and how you create strong energy foundations

(How energy works, where is it leaking and how to plug it)

Week two

Cultivating the relationship with YOUR energy

(AKA, how to dump other peoples vibrational shit). 

Creating independence in your professional and personal relationships

Week three

Entanglement and how to hold space

Putting down the heavy, the hostile without losing friends or clients (unless you want to)

Week four:

Cultivating The Energy Code

Activating the code everyday while being with other people

Week five

Base Chakra Entanglement, creating sustainability.

Release the blocks that keep you from staying in your power and attracting the money and life you really want.


  • Each module has bespoke visualisations and energy releases
  • Guided playsheets for reflection and journaling
  • Live teaching and access to Maree
  • Group community where you can ask daily questions


If you really want to know how to create TRUE energetic responsibility so that you can put down the burden of other people and be able to love the work and life you are creating then The Energy Code is where you need to be.

Life is too short for carrying other peoples sh*t and your work and life are too potent to wait any longer.
Join me


It is time for you to get out of the sh*t of other people’s energy so that you can do your most potent work in the world.


One Off Payment

(one off payment)

Payment Plan

2 x A$277.50
(four payments over four months)

BONUS fast action bonus:  The Ultimate Energy Grounding Pack:

  • Maree’s signature Grounding Spray
  • Two grounding visualizations and meditations
  • Grounding guide that anyone including your kids can use
  • FREE signed copy of This I Know is True , a collection of stories celebrating awakened women to inspire community progres

Thank you...

...for turning up and being you

...for being here in this time of transformation

...for all of your divine gifts, talents, passion, vision and dreams

You are needed now as a leader and regardless of what you decide to do please promise me that you will keep your dreams and visions alive and keep doing your work in the world.

Your energy, presence, power, influence, divinity and leadership are needed now.
Maree xx