The Expanded Experience

engage    embody    expand


The evolution of leading an expanding life is here and the place to embody your magic now exists.

The Expanded Experience

is a place

where you engage with your dreams, embody your energy and expand your experience of life.

Expansion is a practice

Let's be clear what I mean when I talk about expansion, expanding and expanded.

This is not about buzz words

To desire the experience of expansion you are commiting to a live in a way that honours your multidimenstional self.

It connects with the DIVINE MASCULINE so you can create and live in a tangible and grounded manner.

Life is meant to be experienced in your physical body and when you practice how to live in a expanded experience you invite a more open and connected version of you to lead your life.


practicing being in expanded spaces is at the heart of leading a life that is fully immersed and liberated. 


Being you is not a destination rather a fully body experience that is dynamic and expressive and sometimes heartbreaking.  It is also intoxicating and frustating and I want to guide and support women that want ALL of that.


Expanded Experience is:

How you bring your most transparent self your world.

Where you love your creations more and more

How you light up your own life

Where your embodied self can be seen, can practice, can feel and comes alive



Building confidence in your intuition

Developing communication that connects

Loving your embodied self so that you hold your physical and emotional space regardless of what chaos is blurring around you




I designed this experience as I was craving somewhere where I could practice, play, be guided.

I was feeling repelled by the idea of learning someone elses framework or process, I was done.

I am guessing you are feeling the same

I was craving community and connection with others who wanted to live that deeply rich life of expansion.

So I created it for you.


How does it work?


You and me with in a small group setting.

We meet weekly via zoom (you also have me on voxer mon -fri).

Six month rolling experience

There is no training (thank you goddess)

We lean into the three core aspects of the Divine Masculine - Trust, Transparency and Discernment to provide a tangible expansion experience

Engaging your dreams and desires you set your path for expansion

What you want more of is the focus

Each week we support your path with energetic magnestism

Some weeks you are resetting your core beliefs and the next we are in deep clearing and connection mode

The group energy determines the guidance for the week

Expansion is your adventure and I will guide you all the way.



There are two levels of enrollment

Both are exquisite

Choose your adventure and trust your heart



Option One:

Immerse in the group setting, set your path and engage in the experience each week for 6-months




Option Two:

Everything in option one


Monthly private calls with me




Amazing, Life Changing and Profound!

That is how I describe working with Maree.x

Emilie Gomez


Sometimes the best thing you can do for yourself to be around someone who can help guide you and open the energy that you need to make your dreams a reality. For me that person is Maree.... Lisa McBain



Maree is a deeply profound and powerful coach, healer and leader. She supported me to energetically shift a lot of heaviness, quickly and with ease. Maree is incredibly gifted at what she does. Maree weaves holding space with energy alchemy and the gift of her absolutely beautiful, priestess presence - pure magic to experience, work with and learn from.

Jessica Savage, 



My business has grown and I have made the shift from the Operator Doer of my business to adopting the Leadership Consciousness. I’ve replaced my income from a previous business and I’m earning more money with less effort and time as I’m now working in my soul’s business and it is growing quickly.

I’m having way more fun, and am the happiest I have ever been in my life.

Larina Tiffen-Fuller

The Expanded Experience 

is for you if...

  • You are ready to be that conscious leader in your life
  • A new focus or deepening of your vision is ready for you
  • You are ending one phase and new one beginning needs a fresh slate
  • You are ready to create and embody the energy of independence and expanding space
  • You are ready to fully embody with a curious heart and open mind
  • You love to be in guidance and co-creation
  • You are ready to immerse, have fun and release all past expectations.
  • You want to be in a community of like minded expanders.
Reminder this is how it works

a six-month small group community

Bonus 2

weekly experience group calls

Bonus 1

upgrade option to add private monthly connections

Bonus 3

Daily Voxer support and guidance

Bonus 1

Bespoke resources and tools


If you have any questions DM Maree on Instagram @mareeeddings

Working with Maree’s model and working with Leadership Consciousness has allowed me to step out, use my voice, hold space and connect. 

I’m no longer giving away my power. I feel like I have been given permission not to have to wait to fit in. I can be a leader my way knowing that I am aligned to my energy and myself.

I am attracting my dream clients and my business feels clear.  I am making great decisions and building the business I have wanted to build but wasn’t sure how.

Shelly Favola

Meet Maree

Maree is an  Energy Sensitive, Change Leader and Energy Healer who is on a mission to expand the energy consciousness of the world through her training programs The Liberated Leader, Divine Leaders of Change Sistermind and The Energy Academy.  

She is the host of the podcast Divine Leaders of Change and her aim is for us to ask and ponder the following three questions:

What if you were never conditioned with a Patriarchal mindset, structure or system?

Who would you be instead?

And now that we are here how do we lead our way out of it?

It is time to free ourself from the conditioning that has bred inequity from within.

This is her ride or die focus for how she wants to contribute to the world and help womxn rise up to their energy consciousness so that they too can hold their power in any situation and in any room and as a result  shift that paradigm that we all experience.

We are being called to step into Evolutionary Leading.  My question to you is are you going to answer?

Thank you...

...for turning up and being you

...for being here in this time of transformation

...for all of your divine gifts, talents, passion, vision and dreams


Your energy, presence, power, influence, divinity and leadership are needed now.

Maree xx