Episode 23 - Mel Tongmar - The Four Pathways to Self

The Four Pathways to Self with Mel Tongmar

Melanie Tongmar is a transpersonal life coach and spiritual emergence guide, who’s joy lies in exploring and integrating the fundamental medicine pathways of Ancestral Ways, Nature Kinship, Creative Play and Mindfulness back into our ways of being. 

The passion she brings to her work stems from a lifelong fascination with the human condition and our connection to the world, including the liminal and mystical aspects that go beyond the physical self. She firmly believes that with integrated aspects of self, and a revitalisation of a relational way of being, we can live a life with more ease, more meaning, compassion and deeper connection, and find our way back home to ourselves. 

Enjoy as Mel weaves her magic and her message

I encourage you to connect with Mel on her website www.melanietongmar.com or on instagram @meltongmar

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