The one question everyone asks me about leadership, change and energy

The one question everyone asks me about Leadership, Change and Energy

Humans are fascinating and at the heart, good. 

We have so much to offer the world, the people we love and ourselves. 

To me, it is no surprise then, that when I teach leadership, change or energy, people have the same challenges. 

We are all conditioned to the same system after all.

For women that means that we have a similar way of dealing with leadership and change. We are taught to accommodate, placate and therefore carry the burden that the behaviour of these systems create in the energy that we feel.

Yes, even the MOST successful CEOs, Entrepreneurs and amazing humans have this conditioning.

In today’s episode I share with you the one question that EVERY person asks me about leading, change and energy. 

SERIOUSLY, every person asks this question in some way.

I reveal what the real question is that they are asking and why it is a great indication that they are ready to step into Divine Leadership. 

Have you been asking this question?

If so, let’s connect.  You can contact me on Instagram, @mareeeddings

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