Have you heard of the WITCH WOUND? 

Do you know if you have one? In today’s episode I chat with Lisa Kotz about the impacts this wound really has on women in 2021.

Through Lisa’s experience and commitment to her own personal sovereignty, Lisa has uncovered her own witch wound and now holds space for other women as they uncover their own.  A deeply insightful episode that shares why each of us need to identify this wound for ourselves and find peace in its existence. We are a powerful collective who is here to lead change and knowing your witch wound is all part of the journey.

You can connect with Lisa on Instagram, via her podcast Spiritually Sovereign and at her website www.insidetheprism.com where she has a free personal sovereignty style quiz.


Lisa Kotz Instagram

Inside the Prism

Podcast: Spiritually Sovereign

Free Quiz: What is your Personal Sovereignty Style

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