Stop living in the shackles of other peoples sh*t 

so you can take your energy sensitivity from burden to superpower


Are you ready?

If you are holding space for people right now then you are a very special human.  It is tough.

Divine human you are super tired, burnt out you have considered quitting your business. You have been asking how can you outsource all this BS and you have googled 'how to live on an island' more than once this year.

As an energy sensitive coach, consultant, way shower, teacher, lightworker or change maker, you are in the front lines right now.  You are FEELING all of it.

The good, the sadness, the confusion, the anger and the hope.

You receive so much that some days pulling the covers over your head is the best you can muster or dream of!



This I what I know for sure

One of the biggest barriers people have to really activating their true energy sensitive nature is OTHER PEOPLE

The entanglement that we are in with other people has not been more felt than right now.

I know you have been dancing with how to shut off your sensitivity altogther or considering staying under the radar until it is all over.

Except that you know you are here for something.

You know in your bones that this life is a life where you get to shift your consciousness and do your work.  You have an important role to play and right now there is a definite fork in the road:


  • Do you step back, hide and stay where you are, like Emma Thompson in Love Actually, knowing things will always be a little worse?
  • Do you wait until everyone stops dishing their sh*t and be stuck in time circling between bright to burnout, giving into the thinking that if you are just strong enough, but knowing that you are hiding behind that veil: OR
  • Do you step into your true nature so that you can show a way forward out of that world of heavy and hard energy.  A world where you do get to show up with a service heart and not have to carry the burden of anyone's energy?

Are you ready to deeply connect with the true nature of your energy sensitivity and be that amazing way shower, heart centred, coach, consultant, teacher and change maker?


Then you need to get your butt to this training.

I will be sharing 3 practical and energy connected things you can do straight away that will help you make the shift from baggage carrier of everyone else's shi*t, to the person who is weaving their magic effortlessly everyday.

It is time that you stopped treating your energy sensitivity as an option that you can turn on and off depending on who you are around.  It is confusing and contributing to the heaviness right now.


 This is what I'll be covering in the Training:

  • Three practical steps you can take today that will immediately shift the heaviness you are currently feeling
  • The MAIN reason other people's sh*t is sticking right now
  • The hidden secret of your energy sensitivity that will unlock your superpower

This is what I WILL NOT be talking about:

  • Self-care
  • Mindset
  • High Vibes

This is a training like no other that you will have attended.

There is no time for outdated and overly prescribed 'solutions' when we have a problem like never before.

Your work and energy are needed more now and like never before.

I know you are ready. See you at the training.



Frequently asked questions....

What if, I am not sure if I am Energy Sensitive?

If you are asking that question then I am going to say you are more than likely energy sensitive. Please come and join us and ask any questions you have and let's see just how sensitive you are. I love this question gorgeous human, thank you.


How long is TRAINING?

I have reserved an hour for us to be together including questions.


What technology will I need?

You will need good wifi and access to the internet and access to Zoom.  The training will be hosted on zoom and once you register you will receive the details via email, including a zoom link for the class.


What if I can't attend live, I don't want to miss out?

You won't miss out, there will be a replay.  However you must register for the event so that we can send it to you.



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About Maree


Hi I’m Maree

I am an Energy Sensitive, Change Leader and Energy Healer who is on a mission to expand the energy consciousness of the world through my training programs Divine Leaders of Change Sistermind and The Energy Academy, The Energy Code and my podcast Divine Leaders of Change.

I have been working with human behaviour for over 30 years and while I love people I don’t like carrying their crap.  Building a successful corporate career was always a balance between my skill and talent and other people.  In fact other people are the number one reason why we hold ourselves back and don’t really step forward and lead.

I see this time and time again from CEO’s of international businesses to start-up entrepreneurs.  If you are in any contact with another human then you need to know what is your energy and what is not.

Right now, I am sure you will agree, the energy around us feels heavy and hostile so we all MUST learn about entanglement of energy and how we stay out of it.

It wasn’t until I made the link between behaviour and energy that I was able to really support people in being able to change the game.  It’s not their personality or their skills that you are struggling with, it is their energy.  Their behavioural vibration.

If you want to bring that potent work of yours to the world without carrying the shizzle of other people then you need to get into this energy game.

I would love to be your guide.

I am trained in Life Coaching, NLP as a Master Practitioner, Advanced Matrix Therapies, Hypnosis and Reiki.  I have created my own healing methodologies, Discern Vibrational Mapping and Chakra Colour Healing. I work with women to support them release the energy vibration and conditioning of the old systems so that they can find out who they would be without them.