Was the change that we have experienced in 2020 and 2021 really that random or was it written in the stars. Is this all predetermined and what role does the cosmos have in what we are experiencing and where we are going. 

In today’s episode I chatted with Kat Ellis. Kat is a sharmanic astrologer, energy and sound healer and someone that I have personally worked with many times. Kat and I discuss the planetary influencers that have been supporting the upheaval and change that we are experiencing and what is yet to come. 

This episode was recorded around the time of Lions Gate in early August and Kat explains the significance of this time.


As a sound healer (and an amazing one at that) Kat also shares the impact of working with sound as a healing tool. I personally have been more drawn to sound healing since the beginning of 2020 and its clearing effects.

Enjoy this episode with Kat Ellis


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