What is

Energy Vibration

right now?

Hi I'm Maree,

I am the leading mentor and coach for a new era of leadership and change.


Changing our leadership paradigm is going to require us, and that includes you, to apply a new level of consciousness and behaviour.  

We start this change by understanding your own energy vibration. Your vibration gives clarity to your behaviour and the impact that it is having on you and answers the question: am I really creating change here?


I have created this quiz that will give you the insight into your energy vibration and the impact is really having.

I will be clear, your vibration is not you.  This is not a personality quiz it is about gaining insight into the impact your vibration is having.  All vibration is dynamic.  Knowing the vibration you offer supports you in understanding why things can feel challenging.



Understanding your energy vibration will:


  • Give you insight into your current energy consciousness, aka your behavioural vibration
  • Reveal the impact of that behavioural vibration
  • Step you closer to the behaviour of your inner Divine Leader of Change
  • Reveal what is keeping you feeling stuck, disillusioned and fearful about leading change and conversations right now
  • Reconnect you with your power and souls path
Take this quiz to find out what your current energy vibration is.

Your leadership is needed more than ever now.  We need your vision, your energy, your heart and your LEADERSHIP.


I would love to know your results.  Once you have received your results please post them on Instagram and tag me @mareeeddings so I can share in the celebrations.