What's your

Influential Womxn


Hi I'm Maree,

I am the leading mentor and coach for a new era of Womxn's Leadership.


If you are here, then you are a womxn who knows that the time has come for you to embrace the new evolution of influence and power.

You are ready to be that leader that you came here to be and you are definitely ready to do without carrying other people's energy and responsibilities.

You are ready to be an Influential Womxn.


  • I see you, I know you
  • You are supremely talented and have many things you want to bring to this world.
  • You are passionate and you know that it is time for you to stand up and step out with a new paradigm of leadership.
  • You are over waiting for others to improve, carry their crappy energy and quite frankly you know in your bones it was always going to take a big dose of evolution to change the way we lead.


You are correct on all fronts.

Changing our leadership paradigm is going to require us, and that includes you, to apply a new level of consciousness and behaviour.  One where you are more visible, use your power as a connector and build environments that shift your experience of humanity.  Too much?

Nah, I know you know deep in your bones that you are here right now for this very experience.

So how do you know if you are on the right track?  What is it that you need to most focus on to get momentum and what  might your Influential Womxn Style actually be?

Well I have created this quiz to answer those questions for you.

Take this quiz to find out what your Influential Womxn Style says about you.

Being an Influential Womxn does not happen by accident.

It has nothing to do with how ‘senior’ you have been in an organisation nor is it about your so-called experience, or the number of followers you have.  You are not included because you have a six to seven-figure business and there is definitely no space reserved at a so-called top for the people that you ‘know’.

Being an Influential Womxn has four key aspects.  Each of them are equal in nature and when you activate them YOU become a game changer.


Activation of your voice and visibility. This occurs when you know you. You are activated by the deep reverence you have for yourself and the wisdom you are here to lead.


Bringing communities together for transparency and collaboration.  This is how old hierarchical structures are dismantled and leadership is redefined.

Divine Nature

Trust in your divineness always.  You are deeply intuitive and wise. These two things are no longer compromised.

Maga Magick

Knowing that you have entered to true time for your leadership to emerge and be heard.  

An Influential Womxn

has activated her POWER

is aligned to her PRESENCE

leads with PURPOSE


When you take this 2 minute quiz you will instantly:

  • Discover what aspect of your leadership you have been overly relying on and what impact that is really having on your ability to embrace Influential Womxn fully
  • Activate the aspect of your sovereignty and power that has been alluding you.  Like the missing pieces will become magically back into alignment
  • Unlock personal strategies and next steps for you to embrace the missing pieces
  • Gain clarity, insight and inspiration and even a sense of awakening.
This quiz is a catalyst for a new chapter.

Your leadership is needed more than ever now.  We need your vision, your energy, your heart and your INFLUENCE.


I would love to know your results.  Once you have received your results please post them on Instagram and tag me @mareeeddings so I can share in the celebrations.


I can't wait to meet you Influential Womxn