Are you ready

Divine Leader

to be part of the change?

YOu have Felt it
I know you are ready
It’s time for you to take the lead
Hello Divine Human,

If you are here then I know you are ready to explore how you can make the shift to be a Divine Leader of Change.


As a Divine Leader there are three questions that we ask:

What if you were never conditioned with a patriarhcal mindset, system or structure?

Who would you be instead?

Now that you are here how are you going to lead your way out of it?

First things first, you are not here to do this alone.

That is the first partiarchal condition that you will need to let go of.

There are THREE ways that you can work with me and they will depend on YOU.

Find out how you can work with me below

Divine Leaders of Change

Private Coaching


This just you and me. I personally support you identify your patriarchal blueprint and how you can move out of it so that you can start to lead your life and business as a Divine Leader.

This is an experience where your change stops feeling hard, confusing and overwhelming and you begin to your Divine Leadership path with your personalised energy consciousness map and me as your guide and healer.

This is by application and chat with me only.

Book your time below and I look forward to working with you.

Divine Leaders of Change



This is when you get to join other amazing Divine Leaders who are committed to leading change in their lives.

A four-month immersion program, we explore your patriarchal conditioning, how it is impacting you and your ability to hold your power around people and in certain places.

Focussed on reclaiming your power and purpose, this program will help you uncover your energy blueprint and how you step out of so that you start to live as a Divine Leader of Change.

The Energy Academy

Certification Program


If you are a coach who is ready to expand your coaching bio and expertise to include Energy Healing then this is a program that you MUST check out.

A six-month Energy Healer Certification program, this program will train you in a proven energy healing system that will build your confidence, help you connect with your intuition and build a business that offers your clients a life-changing exceptional experience.

This is the program I wish I had when I was trying to navigate how to expand my coaching expertise and really listen to the guidance I was being given about my clients energy.

This program is open for enrollment in June 2021 and if you want to know more then please connect with me directly. You can book a time below.